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    quick question (painting bodykit)

    hey guys, quick question. what's a reasonable price on painting and installing a bodykit. thx
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    exhaust shop near boston

    hey guys, i'm looking for an exhasut shop to do a custom turbo/cat back. does anyone have any recommendations?.. thx jon
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    rolling of fenders

    hi guys, don't really know where to put this thread. I'm planning to get some 19x8 or 18x 8 et 35 rims. was wondering if i roll my fenders what do i have to watch out for. such as would it crack my paint or anything. plus do u guys think this would work? thx *EDIT* sry forgot to mention, i''m...
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    There's sth seriously wrong with my car

    Well i'm from Hong Kong but live in MA, so use celcius instead of fahrenheit. My car says 58C, which is 136F, that doesnt make sense since it's gets pretty cold rite now. any help is good thx
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    axle bolts

    i was wondering what would happen if i dont replace the axle bolts after i get my suspension done. many thx
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    GTI vs. RDX ( i think)

    Well i think it's a RDX or some sorta Acura SUV. Anyways i was a a stop light, this white acura SUV pulled up and his car started jerking, he kept moving forward till he was half a car in front of me. light turned green, i went past him in like 3 seconds i was already 2 car lengths in front. he...
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    Mirror Glass Replacement

    hi guys i was wondering if the wiring is supposed to be like this with the blue on the inside, my car doesnt seem to be in this order
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    AT or hartmann

    hey ppls was wondering who has a better name brand AT or hartmann i'm sorta thinking about the rs4 reps, prices are about the same not too big of a difference. Tirerack says the AT ones are gravity cast, wondering about the hartmann ones.
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    how long to install coilovers

    just figuring out a price range, i bought a set of FK coilovers, seeing how long it would take thx
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    HP RACING LIGHTNING evo wheels

    anyone heard of this brand? how does it hold up?.. can't find any information online. thx guys and of course pics..
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    TR GTI in waltham

    hey. just saw a TR GTI on trapelo road in waltham. wondering whos car it is
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    HK VW dealership

    just some pics. sry bad quality. was only using my camera phone Jetta sport guessing the HK version of a GLI, with a full ABT body kit. Passat with ABT front spoiler The non-watered down version of the GTI
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    type of suspension with Luff 19

    just wonder what suspension ppl have with the 19 luff's i'm planning to get these rims but wondering if there would be rubbing issues thx
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    turbo size

    hi anyone know what the size of our turbos are...
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    Hi guys i have a question. I've noticed some downpipes have 400Cell cat 200 cell cat. whats the difference? and whats the best/??
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    AWE! turbo back is out

    :headbang: :headbang: found this or the ('tex) $749.95 for the modular downpipe with metal core high flow 200 cell cat (Mk5/A3) the link
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    where to buy

    hey guys, was wondering if anyone knows where to buy the AWE turbo back exhaust. there's nothing on the awe website thx
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    TPMS on GTI

    Hey guys, was wondering if the 06 GTI's have TPMS. I haven't bothered going through the manual.
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    pricing of paint

    hi guys was wondering if anyone knew around how much it would cost to repaint the whole car. (dont ask why):wink: thx
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    turbo back

    Hi guys, was wondering what full exhaust systems are there out there? turbo backs thx