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  1. RevoGLI

    WTB: OEM downpipe

    GTI/GLI downpipe needed!
  2. RevoGLI

    WTB: OEM/stock GLI exhaust

    WTB: Full OEM exhaust for a Jetta!
  3. RevoGLI

    California Smog Help: What is the E.O. CARB number for Magnaflow cats?

    Hey guys, Tried to get smogged today and the two shops I went to did a full visual underneath the car. My intake has a CARB sticker with the "D-XX-X" number stamped on it, but they couldn't see anything stamped on my 42DD turboback. My exhaust is 42DD and their website says they use a...
  4. RevoGLI

    SMOG Help! Need "E.O. CARB" number for Magnaflow Cat!

    Hey guys, Tried to get smogged today and the two shops I went to did a full visual underneath the car. My intake has a CARB sticker with the "D-XX-X" number stamped on it, but they couldn't see anything stamped on my 42DD turboback. My exhaust is 42DD and their website says they use a...
  5. RevoGLI

    Impossible to find good 14mm x 1.5 lug nuts!

    All the cool kids with 12mm x 1.5/1.25 get all the fun looking lug nuts. Where do you all find your lug nuts?
  6. RevoGLI

    Projector Fogs.... Are Not Very Bright!

    Hey guys, I picked up a pair of Ziza-brand projector fog lights since my OEM ones were super beat and old. So, the Ziza one's fit well and I'm using the same bulbs from the first set, but I noticed projectors aren't as bright as as the stock reflector ones. There's a metal plate inside...
  7. RevoGLI

    Bay Area Fender Rolling?

    I'm in the East Bay, so I'd rather not huff it to deep San Jose to get my fenders rolled. Anybody know of a rolling service somewhat close to Oakland?
  8. RevoGLI

    Amber LED Turn Signal DIY

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone could point me to an amber LED DIY. The tail lights are installed, but I lost the instructions to enable amber turn signals. Not sure what the long coding is. It's on a jetta, btw.
  9. RevoGLI

    Bay Area APR Dealers & Exhaust Install Help

    Haven't been back in awhile to these threads. Anyways, what happened to all the APR dealers in the Bay Area? Am I not looking hard enough. So I picked up a new full turboback and I need some install help/stage II flash. I have a few shops picked out...but they are no longer dealing APR...
  10. RevoGLI

    FS/FT Feeler: Miro BBS LM Replicas (279s)

    Yup, you read that right. I have a set of the discontinued Miro 279s aka the best BBS LM replicas before BBS came through and did their little "scorched earth" lawsuit reign. The better part? These are a staggered set! Specs: 18x8 et45 18x9 et48 (I have 3mm spacers for a final of et45)...
  11. RevoGLI

    Catch Can Install Issue!! Wrong Engine Mounts??

    So I ordered BFI catch can solution and tried to install it today. Apparently, this picture here is the standard engine mount bolts found in 99% of MkVs: But these are the bolts I have: Uh, help? The bracket is suppose to sit on the engine mount with a supplied nut. Now what I am suppose...
  12. RevoGLI

    Lug Nut Question R14 v R12

    Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller. I bought a set of 14x1.5 lug nuts for stud-to-lug conversion; however, I think I bought the wrong size. I bought some gold porsche nuts, but it turns out the ball seat is a R14, not an R12. They don't sit perfectly snug in the wheel seat, so...
  13. RevoGLI

    Soaked Interior

    I noticed after a good weekend of heavy rain that I had a pool of water in my rear passenger footwell (Jetta body for the not-so-bright ones reading this). I shop vac'ed all the water out. I left the doors open all day on a nice day, and it seemed to clean it up. I cleaned out the sunroof drains...
  14. RevoGLI

    OEM USB Switch

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but is this a legitimate product? Ebay seller link: click me Seller claims it will work on certain revisions of the RCD510, but after comparing pictures, I don't think it will work on the AE revision I picked up. Seller also doesn't list what...
  15. RevoGLI

    Help me understand Insurance

    Recently, my car was backed into during the night. I assume somebody was making a three-point turn and collided with my quarter panel. There was no note. Their bumper hit the spot where my left front bumper meets the quarter panel. The bumper has some gash marks along the sidemarker and the...
  16. RevoGLI

    Are there other cities doing this too?

    I got a parking ticket, not a moving violation, the other day, and I noticed this pamphlet on top of the usual parking ticket. I can't tell if I got a parking ticket for no plate, or if I ran the meter out. IIRC, I just ran the meter out but the fine on the actual ticket was for a "5200" aka...
  17. RevoGLI

    Slow Window Roll

    I've noticed over the past few years that my driver's side window rolls up considerably slower compared to my other windows. It's much worse when I use the remote function with my key fob. My passenger sides and the rear driver side windows roll up flawlessly, yet mine lags behind and on...
  18. RevoGLI

    Novice Fitment Question

    18x9 et45 rears. fronts will be 8s et 45. will they fit without issues? and is this considered "conservative"? i don't want anything super pokey this round, flush is the goal. but I can't seem to find any photos of said fitment. feel free to chime in with photos too. also, what should i...
  19. RevoGLI

    FS: Everything LOOK LOOK LOOK

    SOLD SOLD SOLD GOT YA $800 OBO SHIPPED Alphards 5x112 18x8.5 +35 front 18x9.5 +40 rear no tires $900 SHIPPED APR FSI K04 NIB never installed. comes with gaskets and misc harware w/ RS4 injectors (x4 - not pictured) NIB as well SOLD SOLD SOLD LOL YOU MAD
  20. RevoGLI

    Need Help: Immobilizer?, PRNDS, Stuck Key

    So today I went to change a simple fuse in my side panel because my rear defroster stopped working. Pulled out the old fuse and plopped in the new one (25 amp, clear) with the correct replacement. I had to pull a lot of other fuses out to get to the rear one but I'm 100% sure nothing went funky...