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  1. chapusin1

    Unitronic presents Orangeball at H2Oi 2010

    nice video :d
  2. chapusin1

    Sea Doo GTI

    I wonder if these have the noise pipe :lol:
  3. chapusin1

    2012 Civic

    Honestly I loved my 06 civic and I might be going back to one. While my GTI is refined and FAST, it lacks something my civic had. Also, I wasn't frustrated with it every day of the week because something didn't work/sounded the way I wanted (i could make a list out of these things). Anyway...
  4. chapusin1

    Father I have sinned..

    I have been thinking of getting rid of my gti.. I like it a lot but I don't really need that much of a car for my 60+ mile commute everyday, i'm eating that mileage quickly. During my recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, I rented a VW Gol. I took it through the Sierra Madre mountains, a real beauty...
  5. chapusin1

    Battlefield 3

    I've never seen a game so amazing in detail as this one! If you haven't seen the part 2 trailer, do it now! Part 1 Part 2
  6. chapusin1

    California front license plate

    I hate the plate on the front of the car, but after seeing how the fees increased this year, I guess we have no other option but to put it back in :mad0259: VC5200 Proper display of license plates $178 damn!
  7. chapusin1

    Traffic infractions

    Got my first ticket on the GTI today, I'm actually amazed it took me so much being that this car is so agile haha. Kind of stupid, 3 lane each way with a center divider, 50 mph zone, im doing 50 just like every other car, there's regular traffic, 1st and 2nd lanes are full and the right lane is...
  8. chapusin1

    Skip a payment this christmas

    So who's falling for this crap? oh sorry, I mean 'gift' from VW Financing? It should be called postpone a payment instead of skip, since interest is still getting accumulated, plus they charge a fee for it. What a rip off.
  9. chapusin1

    Seat Bocanegra

    A friend is getting this one, what do you think? It has the 1.4 TSI :thumbup:
  10. chapusin1

    Who here votes to BAN harddrivin1le

    Yes, I'll be the first one to do it. I'm so tired of this guy, I seriously doubt he has a GTI as well. I am using the same topic tittle as in the TSX forum so more people know about him when searching for his name on google. Link...
  11. chapusin1

    Cool game to play at work