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  1. BurgerGuy

    FS: 034 Motorsports Spherical Rear Trailing Arms - NIB

    Never got around to installing these. I took them out of the box for pictures. They have never been used. Asking $400 shipped.
  2. BurgerGuy

    P0192 - Short to GND

    I replaced the rail pressure sensor (G247) with 06J906051D about a year or two ago when I was troubleshooting severe misfires and other issues on the car after going K04. The only symptoms I've noticed are: Very brief loss of power. Almost like limp mode, but it only lasts a second or less...
  3. BurgerGuy

    FS: Set of Four 17" Denver Wheels

    As the title states. The tires are old/tired Falken Azenis summer tires. Looking for $300. Local pick-up only. Pictures available on the Craigslist ad below.
  4. BurgerGuy

    Experience with 034 Spherical Rear Trailing Arms

    I'm sure someone has these installed. I've seen some reviews that all look positive. Curious to know how they hold up long term. Any significant draw backs outside of a slight increase of NVH?
  5. BurgerGuy

    02E DSG - Repair or Replace?

    Car has ~122k miles on it and the DSG is running Unitronic Stage 2 software. The gearbox is due for service, but have been trying to get it repaired/serviced at the same time since mid last year so I'm not changing fluid twice. Also planned to replace the clutch pack and install a LSD while it...
  6. BurgerGuy

    High LTFT K04 BPY

    As the title states, I float between a LTFT of +14% - +18.75. The car runs well, but fuel economy sucks. Running Unitronic Stage 2+ with RFD. Injectors, FPRV, rail sensor, and thrust sensor have been replaced to fix other issues. So far I've... Checked for and fixed two intake leaks (trim...
  7. BurgerGuy

    '07 K04 GTI Misfires

    Looking for some insight on this problem as I've been working through it since March. Am running Unitronic Stage 2+ RFD file on my BPY FSI with a ported/polished/ceramic coated K04. No changes to either wheel or wastegate. Since the K04 was installed, I have experience really bad misfires...
  8. BurgerGuy

    '14 S5 Seat Swap into '07 GTI

    Posted on Vortex, but figured I'd put it here for best visibility... Hey, guys. I've been slowly working on this for the past month or so, but need some assistance as I'm not entirely sure how to go about wiring up power/heat on these seats in a car that came with just heated/lumbar leather...
  9. BurgerGuy

    WTB: Hotchkis/APR Rear Sway Bar w/ Fittings

    At the title states, looking for a Hotchkis/APR 27mm rear sway bar with poly bushings and brackets included in good shape.
  10. BurgerGuy

    P3081 - Engine Temperature Too Low

    So for the past couple weeks my temperature gauge on the cluster has been acting...strange. The gauge will go up with engine temperature, but during this process and while the car is at operating temperature it will fall as if it lost the signal and then come back up...maybe fall again for a...
  11. BurgerGuy

    Exploring Other Swaybar Solutions

    I realize there have been threads on what sway bar(s) to buy and all that nonsense, but I did not really see any that cover what I'm looking for. It has been nearly a year now and I've sourced an issue with my car that is associated with the front sway bar. As I have been unable to fix this...
  12. BurgerGuy

    Forza 4 Livery Designs

    I didn't see a thread for this one and wanted to share what I'm currently working on. In addition, I'd also like to see if there's anyone else making graphics and/or designs for cars. After watching some of the 24 hour Rolex race at Daytona I became inspired to create a livery based off the...
  13. BurgerGuy

    Textured Paint Options - Not Plastidip

    Alright, everyone - I did a bit of digging through my post history and even searched a bit trying to find a thread where someone on here has a lower diffuser for their rear valance painted a textured black/dark gray color that is close to what the OEM textured piece looks like. I cannot find...
  14. BurgerGuy

    TSI Possible Misfire

    I did some reading on other threads, but the scenarios didn't relate to mine so here it goes... I took a road trip to Ohio from NC today and while cruise control was engaged traveling at 70-75mph going up a grade/hill/whatever I would feel a sudden jolt/shudder. Boost pressure would not drop...
  15. BurgerGuy

    R32 Rear Valence Diffuser Exhaust Port Alternative

    One heck of a thread title...I know. Here's the deal. Just got a DriverGear cat back exhaust to replace my stock cat back with a custom R32-style axle back welded on to it. This new cat back is of amazing build quality and I almost don't want to cut the tail end of it off to have the custom...
  16. BurgerGuy

    Mysterious Knocking Sound

    FIXED BY INSTALLING SUB FRAME SHIMS/BOLTS **3/11/2012 Update** Finally figured out this noise yesterday when I was working on the car. I had the strut mounts/bearings replaced a week or two ago which seemed to, once again, eliminate the noise. That lasted all but a day or two. Fast forward to...
  17. BurgerGuy

    R32 Rear Valence and Side Skirts + Paint/Installation = Pics

    Well...after having these two parts sitting in the house for some time (skirts for probably a year and the R32 bumper since April) I finally got around to getting them painted and installed on the car. Color match is pretty much spot on and the quality is amazing (at least to me). The exhaust...
  18. BurgerGuy

    Euro R32 Tails - Wiring Each Brake Light

    I did a little poking around in search, but didn't find anything solid. What I'm looking to do is run a wire to each of the brake lights on the outer half of the outer light. With me? Good :P This is how it's setup for the European-spec MkV cars and I'd like to do it myself. Just need to...
  19. BurgerGuy

    Wheel Tire Combo Inside - Will I Rub?

    Well, here it goes again. A couple months back I posted about getting a set of VMR wheels, but I've since changed by mind and decided to pick up a 17x8 wheel with varying tire size and need to know if I'll rub. Right now I'm on H&R Supersports and stock shocks w/ APR front/rear sway bars...
  20. BurgerGuy

    Installed Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust - Video Inside

    Well I bought a Corsa cat-back exhaust from a guy off the Vortex and mated it up to my 3" APR down pipe. I will say this thing is very loud, sound ridiculous, and makes shifting with the DSG really bring out the *explosions.* No drone when cruising, but it's basically loud all the time (at...