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    2018 VW ATLAS

    The wife and I are looking to trade in the Mercedes for a bigger SUV. Was getting something from the VW dealership and the wife fell in love with the new ATLAS exec line with R package. Anyone own one or know someone that owns one. Just looking for some feedback\thoughts on this vehicle, as...
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    2015 WRX

    Just was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this vehicle. Looking into getting a new car in a couple months and cant decide. I'm leaning towards a 2015 Subaru WRX. 2.0L, 6 speed man, 264HP AWD not to shabby, but never owned a Subaru before.
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    Mayweather or Mcgregor?

    Who you guys got in this fight? Dont know if you guys watch boxing\UFC. Im a huge UFC fan, Iv seen every UFC since about UFC 50. Deep down I hope Mcgregor wins but I dunno....:fighting0030: