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    FS ASA ar1 black with machine polished lip

    For sale I have ASA ar1 wheels that i had for my gti. One of the wheels is damaged. Wheels come with a set of brand new Yokohama avs es 100 tires. Looking to sell cause I bought a mustang and need the garage space. I will take best offer on the wheels/tires, Pm me if you are interested, Here are...
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    FS Oringal brand new engine cover, new boost gauge with pod, and rims

    I recently sold my vw gti, and bought myself a mustang. I still have some parts that i kept with my gti that i have never used, except for the rims. i have a oem engine cover for sale, i have a comeplete new south boost gauge with pod for sale and, i have the rims off my old car that i would...
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    Question about Directed's CAN1 transponder

    I am getting a viper 7900 alarm with remote start for my car. I was looking into the alarm, and found the CAN1 transponder. I was wondering if you get this transponder, do u need to have a viper alarm, or just use the factory one. My main goal is to get remote start for my vechile, although the...
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    no GTI=Depression=drinking

    well i had a high pitch squealing noise comeing from what i thought was to be the engine, but turns out is was the trany. they gave me a vw jetta loner but just isnt the same. they dont even know what is wrong with my car they said it the first time they have ever seen a dsg do what it is doin...
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    Favorite Ice Cold Brew

    :drinking: :drinking: I have to say that by far the best beer that i seem to enjoy ice cold is Budwiser. Just curious as to what others drink:drinking: :drinking:
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    i need opinons

    ok so i got new wheels and springs for my car, asa ar1 along with elbach prokit springs. I had all of this getting done at ntb, they put they springs on all wheels except for front driverside. They told me that when they were going to compress the spring, the cover for the ball bearings came off...
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    Which one should i get

    I want to buy a second car and i found two cars that i am stuck between. if you had to choose between the acura rdx and the toyota camry hybrid which one would u choose. Any input that u would like to share would be nice too. thanx.
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    Suspension Help Please

    Ok so im not the brightest person when it comes to the whole suspension thing. I have been reasearching it for a while now and i think i know what kit i want to get but i am stuck cause there are a few questions that i have about suspension in general. the first question is what is the...
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    which rim should I get

    I want to get either the asa ar1 or the asa jh8 but i am torn between the two. I dont know which one i should order. to see asa ar1 to see asa jh8...
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    Is This Right???

    Ok so i brought my car in to get looked at and told them that i would also like to get the launch control update for my car. they told me that i could get it but it would cost 130 dollars and void my warrenty with anything that is related my car breaking down due to the update. I wanted to know...
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    what is the best tire for our cars

    I have had my gti for one year, and have about 25,000 miles on it. I know that it is time for me to get new tires. I am going to buy new rims as well since im getting new tires. My question is what is the best all year round tire that i can get for my car. Im looking to get the asa ar1 so the...
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    how do u fellow dubbers feel about these rims

    I am interested in get black rims with a metal polised lip. I dont want to waste a shit load of money on wheel, but i found these nice 17 inch asa wheels. they are not too expensive on the wallet, but the thing that holds me back is the name asa. i was wondering if anyone has purcheased any...
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    oil pressure warning,what to do???

    oil pressure warning came up on the center screen for a second. it came on while i was taking a tight right turn. it came up for a split second then went away. has not come back for the rest of the day and there was no check engine lights on .. u think it something serious or i should just for...
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    The L-C-T Module

    Im looking to sell the lct module that I have purchased from them. It is a brand new unit, none of the oringinal seals have been broken yet, and the only reason why im selling it is cause my girlfriend bought me the new south offset gauge pod and the aem digital gauges that go with it for my...
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    how to get nxt wax off of plastic parts

    i got it on my bumper and sideskirts.....any1 have any suggestions
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    I cant get the adhesive for the tint off...Any Ideas???

    A while back I had got a fix it ticket from a pennsylvania cop for illegal window tint, so i had to take it off my front passenger windows. I was able to get the film off but the adhesive is still stuck on the windows. I have soaked the windows in windex and used a razor but it just doesnt seem...
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    me vs New 07 sti

    I was on my way to the gym when this guy came up behind me in his new sti. I kept the speed limit cause i already have 4 points on my license and dont need any more. Anyway he decided that it would be a good idea to pass me using the opposite lane, so as you can asssume he pretty much did so...
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    I got real lucky

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    Reading Pa BBQ Sunday Sept 30th, 2006

    I want to see if anyone in the reading area would be interested in a bbq get together. It would be fun to compare cars, check out rides, and of course just chill and eat some grub. Let me know who would be interested???????
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    Last night i backed into this girls honda accord with my gti,:frown: :frown: but anyways it surprised me that my car only has a couple scratches, while the accord got fucked up big time. The downside is that now i have to pay for both cars out of my pocket:frown: :frown: :drinking: :frown: