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  1. razr390

    Officer Involved Shooting: Muskogee, OK

    Read and watch everything, then discuss. Video contains person getting shot & killed. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Transcript from: 34VEjO-Wi0s...
  2. razr390

    Police Shooting in Bridgeton, NJ

    Discuss: ys0OzmH_EPg
  3. razr390

    If you are debating on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Debate no further. The game looks marvelous. Gameplay is fluid, campaign is refreshing, and multiplayer is exciting. Quick cinematic uploaded from my PS4: _pXSyi0qix0
  4. razr390

    F1: Caterham F1 Team using crowd-funding

    The Caterham F1 team really wants to finish the season and race at Abu Dhabi, Marussia already went out of business, and Caterham has resorted to crowd funding to raise that money. They are 51% of the way. If you donate certain amounts, you get certain items from the team, ranging from...
  5. razr390

    Guy in Overpowered GT-R drives like an idiot, crashes into McLaren 12C

    Have a look.
  6. razr390

    ADVICE: Girlfriend Wants to buy a New Car

    So my girlfriend has a 1998 Camry with around 160k miles on it. Her dad said he would buy it off of her, and she is going to be driving more often to go to work and back as she's now project manager for her company's makeup line. She doesn't care about what car it is as long as it's efficient...
  7. razr390

    NEEKmobile spotted thread

    So whenever you see an ambulance, preferably private company then feel free to post it and hopefully NEEK acknowledges. He told me to make this thread btw First post.
  8. razr390

    FORD Dealership Abuse

    PZ12CuxmeFo This dealership is literally 20 minutes from my house... lawl
  9. razr390

    Good Bookbag/Backpack?

    Fall semester is right around the corner, and I need a backpack that offers good padding, as well as a laptop sleeve + extra space. I used a Nike FSU branded one I got from Burlington when I was a senior (thought I was going to FSU), as well as a JanSport but the unpadded/no laptop sleeve one...
  10. razr390

    Any BlackBerry users?

    Anyone here who uses BlackBerry products? They don't have to be new but in general? I just got a Q10 and I'm wondering if the community here has any BB users :D
  11. razr390

    Hawtorne, Ca Police Kill Dog

    Opinions on this? IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE A DOG GET SHOT DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. WDBZr4ie2AE I know there are fellow LEO's on this forum, but this disgusts me. There are multiple inconsistencies that the law enforcement in this video have shown. Some: 1. The owner has no reason to be...
  12. razr390

    Gaming Thread

    Any gamers out there? I'm not hardcore but I play from time to time! I just got Skyrim, might not be on the forums for a while... lmao:thumbsup: Currently toggling between: Sports: Fifa 12 Racing: Midnight Club L.A. Complete Edition F1 2011 Gran Turismo 5 RPG/Open World: Elder Scrolls V...
  13. razr390

    Radar Detector

    I recently got a radar detector my dad had in Europe (brought over from the U.S.) and he brought it back with him when he went to Europe a month ago... I was eager to use it, as it's a good one, from what I've heard. Due to the hot Florida sun, I don't want to take a risk of leaving it in my...