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  1. Caymanjp

    Not just your regular misfire thread, save me from the parts lottery!

    Hi everyone. I have an 08 Manual FSI GTI I took my car to my local shop about 2 months ago because my car suddenly developed a really bad misfire on all cylinders. We started with plugs and coils which made no change, we followed with a new set of injectors which once again did not fix my...
  2. Caymanjp

    Multiple cylinder misfire, electrical problem?

    Hey everyone, so my MK5 GTI is in the shop right now. I had a leaky injector on cylinder 3, one day the car broke down on me and was misfiring terribly where before it was an occasional misfire. I had the car taken to the shop and the injectors have been replaced along with a carbon cleaning and...
  3. Caymanjp

    Constant fouling of plug on cylinder 3

    Hey everyone recently my GTI has been misfiring terribly. I replaced the coil packs and no change whatsoever, I am getting a cylinder 3 misfire fault. I see cylinder 3's plug is fouled with black wet looking deposits, other plugs look normal. I changed the plug but it's fouled again. Recently...
  4. Caymanjp

    Fuel Rail Pressure woes

    Hi everyone. I have a 2008 Golf GTI with about 90000 miles, I started having really bad stuttering as well as a loud chirping sort of noise under medium-heavy load, I am getting a misfire code for cylinder 2 but scanner does show some misfires on other cylinders too, changed plugs and switched...
  5. Caymanjp

    Brand new starter motor, spinning but no cranking

    Hi everyone. I just purchased a new starter motor for my GTI. OE Bosch to be exact. I installed it and got the motor to crank perfectly the first time, however subsequently the starter just spins now and does not crank the motor. However it will actually crank every 3/4th attempt. Did I miss...
  6. Caymanjp

    Alternatives to stock air filter/engine cover.

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to find out what people have in terms of filters/replacements for the stock airbox/engine cover on a mk5 gti. I have an APR carbonio intake and ideally would like to keep it because I have a few carbon pieces under the hood. But I cannot stand constantly having to...
  7. Caymanjp

    Another day, another overboost code. Dealer has been no help

    Hello fellow MkVers. Well my GTI is overboosting again. P0234 code thrown along with limp mode if i gently accelerate to 3000RPM. However if I accelerate hard I get through the rev range. I do however notice either a blowing/sucking noise that kind of sounds like a vacuum that dissappears...
  8. Caymanjp

    MK5 stutter, smells of gas from exhaust.

    Good Morning everyone. I've been having issues with my golf. Had a overboost which is now gone. But now I have really bad gas consumption, a really strong smell of gas coming from the exhaust and a hard stutter in-between 3-4k rpm. I have the following codes: +870 (Camshaft Position Sensor B...
  9. Caymanjp

    Please help, STILL overboost condition when lifting.

    Hi Everyone!! Was hoping someone here could help me as dealership was no help! I have given my beloved golf (2008 FSI GTI) so much love and care but have this lingering issue I’m really struggling with! Basically my turbo was replaced last year and it spools great and ran great for many...