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  1. the_saint

    Mexican GTI ads feat. Speedy Gonzales

    Saw these on VWVortex...they're pretty funny IMO. Cats Cheese Speedbump
  2. the_saint

    VAG-COM finder

    Looking for somebody w/VAG-COM in your area? Try this: VAG locator
  3. the_saint

    What are these for?

    Just curious what they're for, how do you get them.
  4. the_saint

    GTI in the snow... does it handle? Does the ESP work good in the snow, keeping you moving with out spinning the tires all over the place? I know tires are a major factor, but I also know that some cars, regardless of tires, are horrible in the snow. I just want to make sure the GTI isn't one of them.
  5. the_saint

    VW new car warranty question

    I know the dealer would be the one to talk to on this, but I thought I'd try here first. Does VW offer any kind of 'loaner car program' with their warranty? The reason I ask is my Mazda does and it was a life saver when Mazda had the exhaust recall. I was without my car for a month :thumbdown...
  6. the_saint

    Golf wheel/tire calculator??

    How long has that thing been up there? I just noticed it today. Good work, that thing will be handy!! :thumbup:
  7. the_saint

    Stalling question

    When I test drove the GTI last week...I stalled it. And IIRC I had to turn the key back to the off position in order to get it to crank again. Is this right or did I maybe not have the clutch in enough? If that is correct, it will be a pain in the rear to have to bring it back everytime you...
  8. the_saint

    Not sure I understand...

    I came across this thread on VWVortex and it left me confused. I'm new to VWs so I'm not sure what exactly this guy is talking about. From what I can tell it sounds like he did a bunch of stuff through the computer to 'unlock' euro settings? The R32 tails he's talking about, are they actual...
  9. the_saint

    Headlight question

    Hello everybody. I test drove a GTI lasty night (F-ng awesome!) and in the process I stalled it....twice. It was a totally impromptu testdrive...I showed up at 9:15 just to 'look' around and ended up driving one to a little over 100 MPH :drool:. Anyways, back to my question, when I killed it...