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    FS: BNIB APR Boost Tap

    Selling brand new APR boost tap. $45 gifted shipped.
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    FS: BNIB BFI Catch Can

    Selling a brand new in box BFI catch can kit. Kit sells for $540. Selling for $450 gifted shipped
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    FS: TSI BFI Catch Can

    Selling a lightly used BFI catch can kit. Under 500 miles on it. You will need to get a replacement pvc stopper from BFI. It is a small little rubber cap. Couldn't imagine it would be more than $20. The kit is $539 new. Asking $350 gifted shipped. Pm if interested
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    FS: KW V1 Coilovers

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    FS: Kenwood DNX719VHD

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    FS: TWM M1 Abrams Pear Black Shift Knob

    Selling a lightly used TWM M1 Abrams pearl black shift knob. They sell the knob or $204 not including shipping. Looking for $110 gifted shipped. Includes everything needed to mount the knob. Pm if interested.
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    FS: BNIB JL Audio TW3 Stealth Box

    Pics when I get home from work. Selling brand new never used JL Audio TW3 Stealth Box. $550 gifted shipped.
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    FS:BNIB Carbotech 1521 Stoptech && Rear pads

    Selling brand new never used Carbotech 1521 pads for Stoptech St-40 pads Stoptech pads: $125 gifted shipped
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    FS: New Sony XAV-701HD Head Unit

    Selling a Sony XAV-701HD Head Unit. Brand New / Can't install in a car I don't have. $325 gifted shipped.
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    feelter: New White HRE R43

    Seeing if anyone would be interested in a brand new / never mounted set of gloss white HRE r43 wheels with 245/35/18 pilot super sport tires. Tires are also brand new. Odd offsets... 18x9 +44 18x9 +60 I can post some pics when I get home later.
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    FS: BNIB JL Audio xd500/3

    Selling this JL Audio xd500/3 amp. Haven't had my car since I got this, so it has been sitting in the box since it arrived. Bought from an authorized dealer, but realized I have to compete with other online retailers... $210 gifted shipped
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    Haven't had my car since I got this. Opened to look at. $100 gifted shipped
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    FS: BNIB Full deAutoKey LED Set

    Selling a full deAutoKey LED set. No car, so they have just been sitting in the box since I have got them. Includes: Hyper Crisp White LED License Plate Kit Complete Interior LED Kit 09 and up. $90 gifted shipped
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    FS: 42dd Ultimate Catch Can

    Selling a 42DD Ultimate Catch Can. In good shape. Will need one of their mounting brackets. $115 gifted shipped PM if interested
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    FS: Rupes LHR 15ES Big Foot Polisher

    Polisher was barely used and in very good condition. No box though :( $230 gifted shipped. PM If interested
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    FS: 16 GB Nexus 4

    Picked up a different phone, so looking to sell this one. 16 Gb Nexus 4 $130 gifted shipped.
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    FS: BNIB Alcon 343x32 bbk

    Selling brand new / never used Alcon 343x32 bbk. Comes with Carbotech 1521 pads in addition to the ones that come with the kit. $2.2k shipped. If you are interested and want more pics let me know.
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    Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

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    FS: New Hertz ML1600 woofers

    New never used $300 gifted shipped