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    best floor jack for the $$?

    tired of not having a real jack! Looking for something low profile and preferably 3 ton. what do you guys use? Trying to stay away from harbor freight unless they really are the best option... thx!
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    motortrend... wtf

    why... would you move all your content off youtube... i know things with youtube have been dicy lately but come on... I just see more downsides than upsides to them leaving. I get keeping the paid stuff on MTOD but the free episodes, why do they need to be on your clunky interface of an app?
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    if you could own any car besides your mk7...

    if you could own any car besides your mk7... UPDATE It would be the new jag xf sportbrake... that thing has me droolin...
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    Kia Stinger...

    Anyone have thoughts on this? Mr. Pobst seems to like it... lots of nice availables, especially those brembos and that twin turbo V6 in the GT model looks serious... visually I think it’s a nice looking car. It would probably get a head turn from me as it drive past... Can’t wait for videos of...
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    If you could have any other Mk, what would it be?

    The first one that really compelled me to buy a golf was the Mk 6 GTI. With those Detroit wheels it always caught my eye in traffic. It made me think man I neee to get in one of those! I got a really good deal on my current car otherwise that's the direction I would have moved towards. With...