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  1. maxtdi

    I'll be attempting to resurrect a Saab Conv advice welcome

    So the GFs brilliant dad owns a "fun" car which is a late 90s Saab 9-2 Failvertible... he gave up on it and pretty much wants to get "rid of it" I figured why the hell not I'll give it a go. For the petrols/troys of the world ... it has a stick!! :laugh: So back to the car... around 110k...
  2. maxtdi

    Folks with good mechanical experience please chime in.

    Car in question 1998 Crown Victoria 347k miles Original engine + transmission Newish T stat (<100k miles) Newish Radiator (<100k miles) Doesn't lose/leak coolant Doesn't lose/leak oil Oem waterpump No misfires etc, idles smoother than my car or most others No check engine lights 1. Problem...
  3. maxtdi

    m4 Dukes of Hazzard

  4. maxtdi

    2016 Volt...

    Looks like a damn civic :yikes:
  5. maxtdi

    so are we going to start nationwide protests in the recent cop killings ?

    Oh wait that's right... The murderer was black... We can't do that ... It was still the white oppressors systems fault. This country has sunk into insanity.
  6. maxtdi

    Going to Japan and Thailand for 3 weeks... any hints?

    Yes yes... Trannies I get that not interested. That said. Any ideas about night life in Tokyo and Ko samui and Bangkok? Anyone ever been? Let me know if you had any favorite spots :)
  7. maxtdi

    To you canadians bitching about our "low" US car prices... Just a canadian couple giving Birth in the us of Anus US healthcare is a bitch... you guys have it good. Not to mention all the other social benefits we have...
  8. maxtdi

    2015 Mustangs discounted already 2k off before even negotiating... crazy this car been around for maybe a month?!
  9. maxtdi

    2015 ATS-V revealed.

    4 exhaust pipes check... No surprises here.... Doesn't look bad but I haven't seen a listed price.
  10. maxtdi

    Can someone explain this particular picture setting to me?

    Seems to be a really popular "shot" of some bros putting the bumper over the driveway and making it scrape on the road because car is to low... is this some kind of Street Cred I am missing out on? kthnxbi
  11. maxtdi

    Damn Gas is getting "cheap"

    Even us folks here in cali are nearly under $3 for regular... Lots of places at around $3.09 here... Cheapest gas in nearly 5 years...
  12. maxtdi

    Yay or nay. Cayman that will never happen...

    I kinda love and hate it at the same time :laugh:
  13. maxtdi

    Rumormill... Camaro moving to ATS platform This may be a car worth waiting for... But unfortunately the camaro pricing as some pointed out... can get expensive... i don't think this next car will be any cheaper.
  14. maxtdi

    5 days and 500 miles in a 2014 Wrangler unlimited

    So... I went on vacay in Maui and decided to rent a jeep wrangler because it was on the bucket list. I was pleasantly surprised to get a Wrangler Sport S Unlimited... since it had the updated wheels and tinted rear windows and a hard top. Hmm in case anyone cares here are my thoughts...
  15. maxtdi

    Confused by this "dealership" in my area...

    So I dick around craigslist a fair amount... This one dealership which deals pretty much in nothing but "cool" cars keeps popping up in my searches... All seem to be carfax one owner cars.. Currently they are pretty much the only place with a 335is BMW and a Grand sport corvette. When I was...
  16. maxtdi

    Hypothetical Ford Fusion ST

    Troy Edition right thurr Those would be some pretty neat cars...
  17. maxtdi

    VW reports September sales Golf is actually outselling the GTI for the first time... The rest looks absolutely terrible... VW is failing hardcore... I still want to drive the new MK7 Yaris...
  18. maxtdi

    2016 Slowmaro speculation... So it looks like a mild update to the current ride... ala Fraud Rustang... But it does appear to be rather decent looking. I wouldn't expect any size/weight savings though... but even if they manage 300-400lb...
  19. maxtdi

    Has anyone rented a jeep in Hawaii?

    So I am going to Maui in two weeks. It may seem like a dumb ass question but I was curious about what kind of Jeeps they actually have... Total bottom of the barrel versions? Perhaps even the last generation? The rental websites are really inconclusive. Alamo seems to have the best rates...
  20. maxtdi

    Damn VW dealers are getting desperate...

    Just got an email 2014 Beetle 1.8 T6,000 ! off MSRP 2014 CC sport 6,300 off MSRP 2014 Passat 1.8T 5,800 off msrp. That's before even negotiating... That is insane!:eek: