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    The Official What Game Are You Playing Right Now Thread

    I have both and they're both really good. It basically comes down to if you want to race on tracks or streets with other (non racing) cars. I personally like Horizon 2 because of the variety of things to do. There's circuit races, rally/offroad, checkpoint races, "showcase" races where you...
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    What midpipe do you have? Sounds good. It's not near as raspy as other loudmouths I've heard. Or is it the LM2?
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    In short, they will help transfer power to the ground better than the stockers.
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    NEEK is a DEEK F250 Powerstroke Thread.

    Congrats on the purchase and nice negotiating. :thumbsup: for not making it roll coal too.
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    2016 Volt...

    It looks more like a "normal" car to me. IMO, the current Volt screams "I'M ELECTRIC!!!" Sorta like the Honda Insight. That could be a good or bad thing though. I'm sure some people like/want the "I'm green and care about the environment" image, while others want an electric/hybrid/green car...
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    Boss 302 or Modify a GT?

    The Boss and GT both have the MT-82 trans. There were definitely people who had issues with them, but like many issues on car forums, only people having trouble are obviously talking about them (think GTI water pump). Think of all the 2011+ Mustangs out there with that transmission, they all...
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    Boss 302 or Modify a GT?

    Haha this. People can't read very well. I'd go Boss over GT if you can swing it. Either one will be awesome though. My head always turns when I see a Boss. There's something to be said for a special edition of a car in my book.
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    Did you get the control arms installed yet? If so, how do you like them?
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    Xbox One and PS4

    I'm an Xbox One guy. I like the feel of the controller better and enjoy the fact that I can turn the Xbox on and it turns the tv, cable box, etc. on with it. The only thing I really don't like is that the majority of my friends jumped ship and got the PS4. It is what it is though. Like...
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    WOW! That's an awesome price, nice find!
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    4 valves do have a somewhat unique exhaust note to them.
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    It was right around $11,500 before tax. I was actually looking for a pre modded car as well, with at least bolt ons to save money. This car was just really clean, low miles, and a color I wanted, so I went with it. I'm really glad I did and now I can build it the way I want, it'll just cost a...
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    Thanks, man. Yeah the paint/exterior is in pretty good shape. I bought it in August with 23,999 (one owner) miles on it; so I put about 800 on it from August-October (it's stored for winter now). I'd love to throw some form of boost at it eventually. I watch the classifieds, but I'll probably...
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    I do. It's a 1997, stock for now, with about 23,800 miles on it. My goal is to have the exhaust (midpipe and catback), suspension, wheels, and tires done by May. It has received a shorty antenna since this picture was taken. All I did this year was the antenna, rear bumper insert, and Cobra...
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    NEEK's Cobra/Truck IDGAF total BS thread.

    I'm planning on putting 18x10.5 or 18x11 rears on my Cobra in the spring with a 305/35/18 Nitto 555R drag radial. It'll be way overkill, but who cares haha. I didn't read the whole thread, so I don't know if you're looking for a street/strip tire or not. If you're going for the best hooking...
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    Gymkhana 7 is live!

    These have gotten somewhat boring to me. It's like an action movie on sequel #7. They're essentially the same maneuvers around different obstacles with a different car. I appreciate the driver skill and the performance of the car, but the videos are getting old, IMO. I'm sure they make good...
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    Illegal Alien Amnesty thread - now with POLE!

    THIS. That is a big pet peeve of mine. On the topic of the thread, I agree to a path to citizenship, but not just granting it. 4.5 million is a lot of people and money.
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    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    Any of you guys cross country ski/skate? I've been thinking about it since it's more accessible for me to do often (a lot of the golf courses, parks, and bike/walking trails allow it in my area). I figure it would make for fun winter exercise if nothing else haha.
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    If you are debating on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Interesting review, thanks for the videos also. Your review seems in line with others I've read (from IGN, gamespot, etc.) stating that it is refreshing. Ironically, this is actually the first Call of Duty I haven't bought (at least not yet, usually get it on or right around launch day) since...
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    Tuned 2015 Mustang EcoBoost VIDEO INSIDE

    Not sure if trolling... Unless I'm not interpreting your comment correctly, the car Motortrend did a 14.1 with was an auto. Either way, you can't deny that running sub 13 with a tune and drag radial, as well as bottom 12's with a drag tire isn't impressive. Very few cars do that, especially...