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  1. Method82

    My New 88 Volvo!

    Picked up my dream car last month. 1988 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon. It already has a manual boost controller with an unknown amount of boost. It's as fast as the GTI for sure. Sold her POS 01 Eclipse that I did not want to work on. Ever. Well documented with 316,000 miles. Motor was rebuilt 60k...
  2. Method82

    2012 Passat 3.6 Loaner

    Drives awesome! Loaded pretty well with the DSG, 18's, sunroof and headed seats and such. Of course, moar power and it still includes a quiet DSG quief with the VR6. Anyone ever get any cool or cooler loaners before? this is my first car that required a loaver for service out of all the cars i...
  3. Method82

    Forza Horizon

    Great game, I love the Forza engine but it's lacking a MK5!!! Disappointed a bit but got over it. My last forum I was on had a fairly large car club on Forza 4 and wanted to know if GOLFMKV had a car club of sorts established yet. My gamertag is firesquare82 if your up for adding.