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    2016 Cadillac ATS-V coupe The overall look sorta reminds me of a Civic, but I'd definitely be interested if I had the money to buy one.
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    Dodge kills Caravan and becomes performance brand Cliffs: -SRT is under Dodge again -No more Caravan or Avenger -AWD turbo Dart -SRT Charger/Challenger with Supercharged 6.2l -New Hatchback -Refreshed Viper Sounds good to me.
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    Next gen Evo to compete with GTR

    I've seen a few articles pop up this week that state the next EVO will be setting it's target on the GTR. I've known the rumors about it being a possible hybrid or diesel, but this is new to me. I guess this means the EVO is headed out of it's current price segment...
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    Dyno Manipulation

    Pretty funny video, but does a good job of explaining why you can't compare dyno numbers. sDwjfZvmPHg&feature