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  1. GTICrazy90

    Civic Hatch LX vs Acura ILX vs Mazda CX-3

    Gf is cross shopping the above cars and is looking for a three year lease. All of the above have specials that put it right about $200/month (although ILX is 10k miles/year vs 12k for the others). What would you go with?
  2. GTICrazy90

    BMW owner goes crazy over MS3(shitbox)

    20SNMdo3B3o he wasnt even close to being on his ass
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    New car

    So my dad got into an accident and the insurance company told us today that his car (corolla) is totaled. So he needs a new car now. He's going to be looking probably at $20,000 or lower. He drives a 100 miles a day for work so he needs good MPG. Reliability is pretty important. Soo any...
  4. GTICrazy90

    Random question

    So this just came to my mind when i saw a IS250 that had carbon fiber trunk and hood. When most people are buying these carbon fiber body panels for their car, are they just buying a regular old hood with a carbon fiber vinyl type thing on top of it? Are most cars out there (im talking about...
  5. GTICrazy90

    Cars and Coffee

    So i went to cars and coffee today, and i took some pics so i decided to share with you guys, i saw a GTI there haha. Turn out was pretty good, and in the end listening to all the cars leave was great. enjoy, heres the link
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    Home theater

    Well we recently bought a home theater system with polk audio speakers and sub with a yamaha 7.2 reciever. Now i set it all up and everything and its great, but my mom doesnt like it :( She thinks its to bulky for our room which is not that big. So basically im lookin for smaller speakers and a...
  7. GTICrazy90

    Dried water spots

    So i have some dried water spots on my driver seat window and my windshield that i cannot get off. When i wash the car, borrowed my friends window cleaner. One person told me toothpaste, it helped but didnt completely take it off plus it takes a lot of toothpaste. Any other suggestions and...
  8. GTICrazy90

    Job security

    So what do you guys predict for the future of job security for the lower middle class of the US. So far i have thought of that most of the people for the lower class work in jobs that do not require much skill and in the future more and more companies will be going abroad because its cheaper...
  9. GTICrazy90

    Forza 3

    So what do you guys think of the upcoming Forza 3 game. I think its gonna be pretty awesome. It looks like forza finally decided to include some graphics on the environment too. Interior view, 400 cars, 100 tracks, better damage engine. Better physics engine, better graphics. This game looks...
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    Well just decided to make this thread, i searched and didnt see anything like this, hope its not a repost Basically you can talk about college experiences, rant about finals that are coming up, some may have alrdy taken them. Or just whatever you want to talk about. I know there is one that...
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    Interesting prompt

    I have a essay to do and well im bored and its a pretty interesting topic so ill let you guys if you want put some thoughts into it Assignment: Write an essay speculating about the most likely consequences of the restructured economy for one economic group within your generation. In your...
  12. GTICrazy90

    One kick ass driver

    This video tells it all!! HQ7R_buZPSo
  13. GTICrazy90

    Gas quality

    So for my car i always fill up at shell, mobil, or chevron. Some of the people i talked to always fills up at costco. And,well i think that costco gas is cheaper for a reason and thats because its not as good for your car but they dont believe me because they pretty much think gas is gas. So is...
  14. GTICrazy90

    Cars and Coffee

    Does anyone have information on this meet. I believe, can someone confirm that its every saturday in the morning somewhere in irvine. Also how do you know when it is a good date to go so you can see as many exotic cars as possible. If there is a specific date that more show up than others.
  15. GTICrazy90

    Regular soap wash, body panel vs whole car

    Hey im just wondering when you guys do a regular hand wash. When you soap your car, do you like do one area of the car at a time, then rinse. Or do you soap the whole car then rinse. Just curious what people do?
  16. GTICrazy90

    carpet cleaning techniques

    WEll i was in a rush to get to my midterm and i accidently knocked a bottle of tapatio over and and damn bottle broke at the bottom and i had a puddle of it lying there. I was running late so i left and i started cleaning an hour later but i cant really get anymore out, its a big stain. Anything...
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    So how would the GTI ownwers here rate the reliability of their car?? This is something i would like to know when consider buying this car. If you can say the miles and year of your car and how you rate the reliability of the car. Ohh and if you have any mods also that affected w/e problem you...
  18. GTICrazy90

    The Underground economy

    So i'm writing an essay about the underground economy and I'm relating it to illegal immigrant farm labor. Basically how illegal immigrants are gettin paid less then minimum wage. I have to relate this to how it affects our underground economy and how it is essential for us to retain this...
  19. GTICrazy90

    New Transformers Trailer!! Man i cant wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is by far the best trailer also!
  20. GTICrazy90

    Which country would you choose?

    If you had to pick one national automaker to buy cars from, what would it be? Sorry i couldnt think how to properly word this,its late at night and im tired and writing an essay(yea the essay isnt good but its a draft) Like german, american,etc. Remember that you would only be buying from the...