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    Apexi Turbo Timer on ED30 with GT2871

    Hi, I want to install Apexi Turbo Timer on my MKV ED30 with GT2871 turbo. My question is not, if I need it, i know, that I want it. Have someone installed it, or other TT on MKV? How I install it? To which cables I must connect TT? Thanks.
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    DSG and Quaife LSD - how can I check it?

    Hi, I buy used car and saler told me, that car have LSD from Quaife, but when I try at neutral rotating one wheel to front, other wheel rotate back. Is other method to check, if I have LSD from Quaife? Thank.
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    Problems with engine speed

    Hi, I have problem with engine speed after engine is heated. Problem is at load, but at idle too. When I drive and then stop, sometimes speed fall to 500-600rpm and then up to standard idle rpm (720-760 in VAG). Sometimes at stop fall to 500-600, then up to about 1000rpm and than fall to...
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    Problems with windows closing

    Hi all, I have problem with closind windows. When I press buttons to close windows (front right, front left), some times windows not move to closing (it trying, but only 5milimetres), but it move down to open and stay opened about 1/3. After this, automatic closing (second position on button)...