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  1. penance

    Podi Boost Gauge - Sweeping while driving

    I have the Podi Electronic Boost Gauge -> Yesterday it started doing a full sweep -30 to +30, returning to current boost pressure, and then repeating every couple minutes. Anyone experience this before?... not sure if I have a wiring issue (bad ground maybe?), bad boost sensor, or the gauge...
  2. penance

    APR K04 FSI vs TSI (muffler adapter size)

    So many months ago, I bought this kit so that I could finally say goodbye to the leaking adapter on the OEM pipe. Thing is, I bought a TSI APR K04 of some MK6 dude... I own a FSI. So it turns out the muffler end of the rubber pipe in the kit will not fit over the muffler adapter on the K04...
  3. penance

    Door puddle lights help!

    Alright, so I bought an LED kit to give me usable lights for those red reflectors we all have at the bottom of our door cards. The only DIY's I could find mentioned plugging the +/- into PIN 18/19 of the 32 PIN door controller harness.
  4. penance

    What the Duetsche?!

    Broke a parking brake cable and was looking to buy new ones.. Everyone always bitches about ECS shipping, but Duetsche AutoParts shipping prices to Canada is a major LOL 2x$25 cables = $70 shipping, to my Vancouver igloo Put these cables in an $8 envelope man and strap it to a donkeys ass...
  5. penance

    Coming Home - enabled, but not working..

    I had read that having a Euro switch was not necessary for Coming Home / Leaving Home to function; just need high-line and full MFD. LH works fine, but even after enabling CH in vagcom and setting the time in MFD - it doesn't actually work. I have the standard on/off switch, that was the norm...
  6. penance

    Hatch handle delete.. finishing issue w. paint?

    So I had my rear hatch door handle cut out and filled in. For the first 2 weeks I thought it was done amazingly well, but it was overcast/raining w. a somewhat dirty car most the time. Now that the sun is shining and I'm giving her a good soaping, I can see that there is a noticeable ring on...
  7. penance

    APR K04.. cold start sucks.. misfires.. help!

    So I recently went KO4 (existing Stage 2+ customer) - the following is everything that was done to the car: INSTALLED: -APR K04 -Runner Flap Delete -APR K04 tune file + RFD software (confirmed with APR that the dealer did install both... I had to remind dealer about RFD prior to picking up...
  8. penance

    DIY: Free (broken) lumbar support fix

    This DIY is basically for the hardcore lumbar lovers... I'm talking balls to the wall, all or nothing support! I've owned my car since factory (2007) and aside from the occasional acceleration jerking, I can't think of anything on it that has been remotely as aggravating than the shitty lumbar...
  9. penance

    TSI K04 on an FSI

    I searched here and Google, no definitive thread was found. So sorry if you find one I missed. I'm looking at buying a TSI K04 off a friend... want to know if I'll have any problems putting it on my FSI? I've heard the TSI got a muffler shave to make clearance... if that's the only real...
  10. penance

    FS/FT: OEM rear bumper (GTI BMP)

  11. penance

    HPFP - *BRAND NEW* - MK5 GTI/GLI - Audi B7 A4

    I have a BRAND NEW 2.0T FSI OEM High Pressure Fuel Pump for sale. OEM P/N: 06F 127 025 K - latest revision. See it at most online shops for $340+shipping (and obviously even more from the dealership) Selling for $275 shipped in CAD/USA (If you don't like the price, make an offer) Bought it...
  12. penance

    RPI prices

    Why is the RPIEquipped APR HPFP price just over $1200.... sale price is a couple bucks below sites regular price? Some customs/duty fees I'm not aware of? My downpipe was basically sale price, not sure why HPFP isn't similar.. (they have the $1099 price under a separate...
  13. penance

    Hawk HPS + 18z calipers... rattle

    Installed a week ago - anyone running this setup experienced/-ing pad rattle? The single click noise each time I release from a stop is livable - but the drivers side rattles when driving over road imperfections. Took it back to the mechanic, he said its all installed correctly and that it's...
  14. penance

    Hatch Pop kit door height

    I've tried searching - not getting much of an answer. Does the height the door opens too change with the ECS Hatch Pop kit? ECS says "No, stays at stock height". But I've read: "It does lower it slightly", "~5 inches", and a lot of "I dunno, I'm short anyways". I'm 6'2" and love how I never...
  15. penance

    FS (new) Hawk HPS pads 330mm

    Not sure what I was thinking, but I ordered these and didn't focus on the fact that they are 330mm pads for 18z calipers. And not the size for 17z calipers, that I need. These are them...
  16. penance

    Seat part #

    Anyone know the part number for the padding in leather gti seats? I'd like to firm mine back up into like new condition. Or anyone know where to buy a new drivers seat (not used) without paying dealer prices?... as my lumbar unit has crapped out for the 4th time.
  17. penance

    H&R Sports settled height..

    So in the midst of my spring mod-fever, I ended up out in the garage measuring my FTG height of my H&R Sports w/stock shocks.. It said 1.5/1.4" drop for the model, but I'm sitting at a settled drop of 2.0/1.25-1.5". I'm assuming this means I got stuck with the line of problematic ones H&R...
  18. penance

    OEM Windshield Replacement

    Speedy Autoglass just quoted me $615/all in, to replace my windshield. Does that sound about right?
  19. penance

    Servicing cost LM

    So Clarkdale VW customer service seems to have gone from "happy to help you!".. to "f*ck you leave us alone" Can anyone out there comment on VW pricing for the 80,000km servicing, and doing brake replacements (pads/rotors)? I think I'm going to order my own brake kit and have Shift install...
  20. penance

    wheel question, all this searching/calculating is nauseating..

    I'm looking at filling the holes with a new wider 18's package... Current: Factory 18 Huff setup is what I have now + 10/12mm spacers. H&R Sport drop (may go Super sport) - no lower than that though. Interested in: 18x8 or 18x8.5 in the FRONT 18x9 in the REAR What is the max width I could...