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    little shoot belgium

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    a shoot in belgium :d

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    Shoot me nd some friends

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    my new rear bump and smoked tails

    NEw update : GTI front is placed hella dynabeam xenon :d
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    Best matching color on BMP

    I want to paint my badge bud not just black a want an other color... Give me some ideas thx
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    Vw badge on black Rabbit Pics ??

    Does someons has pics of a black badge on the front grill on a Rabbit with the Original grill thx
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    Removing front badge

    Does someone has pictures or an tutorial to remove the front badge from a rabbit version. I Want to paint it black... Thx :)
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    VW MKV Beast ?

    Where can i buy the vw GTI MKV beast ? ( check pic )
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    My Golf 5 MKV Magic black RS4 Rims

    This is ma new car :) Vw Golf 5 United version All tips and hints are welcome :)