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  1. Skipdr

    Nelson Mandela has died :(:(
  2. Skipdr

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Who isn't getting this game?
  3. Skipdr

    UK will Start to Block Porn

    On-by-default UK internet porn filters will also block content relating to alcohol, smoking, web forums, "esoteric material," and web blocking circumvention tools.
  4. Skipdr

    Food Porn Thread

    So at the suggestion of Dubessa, we're making a food thread. Share whatever recipes and pictures you want. GO
  5. Skipdr

    New Audi R8 V10 Plus

    Sex lpB1yR9Sz9Y
  6. Skipdr

    NBA Thread?

    Dunno if we have one, but here's one! Go Heat?
  7. Skipdr

    Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

  8. Skipdr

    Movies Chat Thread

    Seeing as how I'll be in bed this weekend because of this flu, I figure it's a good time to watch some movies. This is a thread to talk about and recommend movies, new or old. My personal recommendation is Django Unchained. Brilliant movie.
  9. Skipdr

    College Football Chat Thread!

    So who's everyone rooting for? I'm going for "da U". GO MIAMI. It doesn't look like there is gonna be a major upset today.
  10. Skipdr

    Apparently Sexters Tend To be more Sexually Active

    Really great investigating, CNN. No one would have guessed it. Article of the year.
  11. Skipdr

    Grounded to the Ground

    AKRiCsZfx4k Worst kind of advertising. Honestly, this commercial is terrible. Apparently the Camry is sporty now? :iono:
  12. Skipdr

    The exact moment a tank shell hits a Syrian Rebel post

    Profound, huh? Full article Here
  13. Skipdr

    RIP Neil Armstrong

    May he rest in peace. :(
  14. Skipdr

    Investigation of Flying Turtle

    Flying turtles Not sure if I should laugh or be sad...
  15. Skipdr

    Kid crashes M3

    MZVrnd9V7sk And that's why you learn how to hold a damn steering wheel correctly.
  16. Skipdr

    Kenny Block In San Fran

    Who says Kenny Block can't drive? LuDN2bCIyus
  17. Skipdr

    Drifting car hits reporter

  18. Skipdr

    Arrested Development

    It's just the greatest show ever made. Just wanted to say it.
  19. Skipdr

    Apple is very scared

    Linky They want to ban the Galaxy Nexus from being sold in America because it infringes on 4 patents, including slide-to-unlock. What do you guys think?
  20. Skipdr

    Heat or Thunder?

    Who you guys got winning or who do you prefer? I'm with the Heat, being 2 hours away from Miami, ya know?