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  1. Dutchie '78

    The new Golf MKVI won't be sold in the US !!

    News from Germany; According to our source Volkswagen seems to have some problems with the next generation VW Golf, the VW Golf VI, and therefore can't reach the self-set ROI rate of 5%, currently at 3.4%. This means that Volkswagen would lose over 600 million Euro profit over the product...
  2. Dutchie '78

    Custom GTI Leather

    Anyone fancy this custom made leather interiour?? costs; 1750 euro :clap:
  3. Dutchie '78

    Problems with R32 skirts (Pic taken)

    3 weeks ago, my dealer installed r32 skirts to my GTI. But since a couple of days the one on the rightside is comin' of the side for 2mm over a lenght off 15cm's (8inches)I tried to push it back on, but can't get any movement in it. Is it possible to re-install them or are they glued on...
  4. Dutchie '78

    Edition 30 parts installed

    This is my ride, it's a '07 Rs GTI, manual with Edition 30 front and rear, also r32 side skirts. !9" BBS CK polished, lowering next year. Hope you like it
  5. Dutchie '78

    VW CrossPhaeton

    Souds to me like a April 1 joke:thumbup:
  6. Dutchie '78

    Anyone on 19's?

    Looking for some pic's of gti on 19's Especially 19's with stock springs/shocks. Or does this look like sh*t??:iono:
  7. Dutchie '78

    How do you call these lights?

    Seen this picture here and was wondering how you call these lights:w00t: I think it's stock for US models Is it possible to install these in an European Gti?
  8. Dutchie '78


    Greetings from the Netherlands. Are there more members from the Netherlands?:iono: Looking for some shops in the Netherlands/Belgium for quality tuning.
  9. Dutchie '78


    Greetings from the Netherlands:thumbup: I'm new here, hope to make some pic's asap.