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  1. Goingnowherefast

    Project Turbo Hair-Dresser Girly Race Car//Miata Build

    Z3MhS_TzPbA So on 10/17/15 I picked up my new sports car. "That's not a real sports car" - Peter Griffin So I got my new hair-dresser mobile. I bought it from a lad named Jon for $2450 out the door. It has 83K on the clock, and not a speck of rust on it. 1992 non-LSD no options. It has never...
  2. Goingnowherefast

    I have no F&%$ing idea what to do. Career Advice needed.

    Hey guys, I know the forum is basically dead especially the OT sub-forum but I figured Id give posting here a try. I'm basically looking for some "this is what I would do and here's why" type answers. So I graduated college about 4 months ago and have since then been working at FCA at the...
  3. Goingnowherefast

    GNWF's Continuous K04 Part-out

    So as the title says I will be doing a complete mod part-out on my car. I am in a different town for work during the week days so I will be progressively selling the things I have time to take off during the weekend. So stay tuned because I'll have different things up for sale every weekend. All...
  4. Goingnowherefast

    WOT Box Official Thread

    Hey guys, for those who have wot boxes what settings do you run? I'll edit this thread to make it more legit later. My settings are: 4K launch control Clutch pedal inverted NLS set to auto timing These are the settings that you should use when starting up. Provided by Jon@N2MB Also the...
  5. Goingnowherefast

    Budget K04 Clutch Options

    Okay guys, so as most of the active people know I went K04 last weekend. Long story short it is awesome but it is absolutely destroying my clutch. So I am looking for the best budget solution that will hold my power (Not more than 350wtq). I am fine with cutting it close as long as it won't...
  6. Goingnowherefast

    Detroit Dream Cruise GTG/Cruise

    Would anyone be interested in meeting up and cruising for the Detroit dream cruise on 8/15/15?
  7. Goingnowherefast

    WTS: APR Carbonio Intake (FSI)

    Sold, mods please delete.
  8. Goingnowherefast

    FS: H&R Sport Springs (MKV GTI)

    Solddddd, Mods please remove
  9. Goingnowherefast

    Complete double-checking list of needed items for K04 swap

    MODS PLEASE CHANGE TITLE to "DIY K04 KIT" or something of the sort Updated post because my questions were answered. Below is a complete list of a DIY "K04 Kit" using OEM parts where applicable. PM me with any further questions... Things you need: -OEM FSI K04 (Brand new= $1,200, Used Golf R=...
  10. Goingnowherefast

    Looking for a car for my brother. MK4 VR6?

    Hey all. So my brother, who is a genuine car enthusiast, is looking for a car to get through college with that is fun to drive, looks good, has tuning potential, and will teach him to be a better driver. It will basically be his DD for a while and we usually do some autoX'ing as well. He found a...
  11. Goingnowherefast

    Driver Motorsport Stage 2+ Review Ethanol E47 Review/Impressions

    Happy July 4th everyone! Firstly I want to say I am in no way affiliated with Driver Motorsport in any way. This will be a review of my first impressions, and later a full review with logs included. In order to get this file I payed an extra $50 which is so far been worth it ten times over but...
  12. Goingnowherefast

    K04 or Bust. Need your opinions, Poll Included.

    Alright guys so I'm at a bit of a crossroad... I've been waiting a while dealing with two problems. One is that I'm dealing with a mystery boost leak (or other issue) that being is extremely illusive. There is a possibility that it is the turbo itself that is going bad and/or a loose downpipe or...
  13. Goingnowherefast

    Grid Life (May 29-31) South Haven, MI

    Anyone going to GridLife? It's a three day music, track (Time attack, HPDE), Drift and car show. More info here: (
  14. Goingnowherefast

    Driver Motorsport Stage 2+ Review

    Firstly I want to say I am in no way affiliated with Driver Motorsport in any way. Also it may seem like I'm picking on APR but that is because I have four years of experience with. Mods: Carbonio Intake 3inch Exhaust Autotech HPFP Golf R IC Additional Notes: Could be a small boost leak...
  15. Goingnowherefast

    WTT: Carbonio Intake for P-Flo/EVOms

    As the title states, I am looking to get a little more sound now that I'm going K04. Willing to trade straight up for a Nuespeed P-flo or EvoMS intake. Carbonio Intake in great shape, 10K on the new filter from APR. PM me or text at 248-330-7148, name's Will
  16. Goingnowherefast

    WTS Used Rev D DV

    Used Rev D DV, used for 20K miles. Bought because I thought I would need it, ended up already having a Rev D in my car already. Asking $35 plus shipping firm.
  17. Goingnowherefast

    Performance problems, Boost Leak symptoms without the boost leak.

    Reposting in a cleaner format in hopes of getting a solid answer. Logs incoming... Here's my issue: 1. Leaking air sound for a while now in boost and vacuum. 2. Low boost readings from boost gauge. 3. Generally inconsistent boost, sometimes it'll spike 15psi, others ten, usually drops to...
  18. Goingnowherefast

    Goingnowherefast's Going Somewhere Fast E47 Build

    Hello, as many of you know I’ve been trolling around these forums for a while now and I’ve seen some awesome builds in my time. I figure it’s probably time to start my own as things are starting to get somewhat serious. My name’s Will and I bought the car in August 2011. It is a 2007 BMP 2-DR...
  19. Goingnowherefast

    GNWF's BMS Clutch Stop review

    Introduction: So I decided to buy one of these ( in addition to JB4 for my Dad's N55 335i for Christmas this year. There is some talk about them on the Mk6 boards so I figured id try it out and share my thoughts. Price: Like $10 shipped from...
  20. Goingnowherefast

    GNWF's Plea for Help, Timing Belt change problem

    If I've been around for a while and never needed too much help until now. Here's the story: Just hit 100K, Doing Timing Belt replace, water pump replace, Valve Cleaning and boost leak diagnosis etc. Job was going good until taking off the crankshaft pulley stretch bolts. In the pictures you...