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  1. twisted by dezign

    Car vibrates when not accelerating

    My car just recently started vibrating in a pulsing manner whenever I am not accelerating (i.e. maintaining constant speed, letting off the gas). When I roll the window down, I hear a ticking noise as the car rolls forward. Whenever I accelerate, the car sounds normal and does not vibrate at...
  2. twisted by dezign

    Defi Blue Racer boost gauge help

    So I just start up my car one day and the Defi Blue Racer boost gauge doesn't work properly anymore. It just goes back and forth between two values (e.g. -30 to -20 Hg). If I floor it, sometimes it jumps up either in a positive or negative direction and sets in a different location. What seems...
  3. twisted by dezign

    Fuel Pump screw broke off during driving!

    My fuel pump is LOOSE. The car has a CEL now. One of the bolts has broken; they didn't seem to be torqued properly. The problem is that the shop that installed the FP is 1.5 hours away so I have to take my car to a dealer or to a tuner shop here. I just got the FP installed 1.5 months ago. Think...
  4. twisted by dezign

    Engine cover - front intake top cover missing

    So I checked under the hood of my car and the top part of the intake that is before the hose is missing. I have no idea how it is missing... How pertinent is it to get it covered up? Maybe this is a good excuse to buy a BSH true seal or something :biggrin:
  5. twisted by dezign

    MkV GTI with R32 rear end

    Here are some pics of my car with the new mods I installed (R32 rear end and EJ R32 style TBE, Defi Blue Racer boost gauge): Yes I know the gauge needs to be adjusted in these pic. It wasn't hooked up completely when I took the pics; just wanted to see what it looked like with the lights...
  6. twisted by dezign

    Wow, Stage 2+ is amazing! (with some pics)

    Wow, Stage 2+ is amazing! (with more pics) I just got my car back from the shop. It has a Eurojet R32 style TBE, APR HPFP, and a Unitronic Stage 2+ flash. The car pulls very hard in every gear and higher RPMs aren't that bad now considering the car would really die off in the 6000 RPM range...
  7. twisted by dezign

    I hate waiting.

    So yesterday my EJ R32 style TBE, R32 bumper foam, and other random parts were scheduled for delivery from UPS. I got home from work and found out that I missed it, but it said that I could pick it up at a location between 5-6pm on the same day or 6-9am the next morning. As I was about to leave...
  8. twisted by dezign

    Installing HPFP without HPFP file

    I have an APR HPFP and I was wondering if it would be alright to install it a bit earlier just to get it out of the way and avoid a longer install when I get my exhaust and R32 rear bumper cover installed (exhaust isn't here yet). Would it cause any problems or no?
  9. twisted by dezign

    Aftermarket parts stores in Chicago

    I'm going to Chicago on Thursday for a week so I was wondering if there were any cool aftermarket part stores to check out there. I'm just looking for little things like smoked side markers, etc. Thanks :thumbsup:
  10. twisted by dezign

    24k service

    How necessary is the 24k service? I haven't really been pushing the car too hard lately due to the winter. Also, would I have warranty issues if I took the car for its 24k service to a non-dealer shop?
  11. twisted by dezign

    2010 MkVI R20 Scoop! 2010 Volkswagen Golf R Series Turbo Coming to America - Car News The ultimate Golf gets 270 hp and may be called the R20. BY JENS...
  12. twisted by dezign

    Air isn't blowing from the vents.

    It's really cold right now in Alberta so this is one of the worst things that could happen. I started up the car and turned on the windshield and rear window blowers on with A/C enabled and the temperature at HI and nothing was blowing. None of the Climatronic buttons worked. The heated seats...
  13. twisted by dezign

    Stage 1 MkV vs. Honda Fit

    So I was driving down a road and a tricked-out Honda Fit with wheels and a bodykit comes out of nowhere and is revving his engine and is trying to show how fast he is by stomping on the gas. I am driving normally and he can't even keep up with me. Why should he even bother? :iono:
  14. twisted by dezign

    11.631@122.82 JC@douglas runs 11.631@122.82. I wonder how long it will take to see 10s!
  15. twisted by dezign

    Windshield chip

    I hate trucks. After a truck stupidly decided to merge into the fast lane to go 1 km faster than the car on the right, a huge rock flew at my windshield and chipped it. The chip is under an inch in diameter and there are no cracks. Would it be recommended to get a DIY repair kit (which ones...
  16. twisted by dezign

    vs. 90s Oldsmobile

    I beat some 90s Oldsmobile that launched from an intersection that tried to cut in front of me because his lane was ending. He caught me off guard so I stomped on it and flew right by him, blocking him from entering my lane. Don't you hate people like that?
  17. twisted by dezign

    ATP GT3071R kit fitment

    Eventually I am going to upgrade my car to Stage 3 with Unitronic. I was talking to a local shop in town and he said he didn't like the ATP Turbo kits because the fitment was really bad and they had to cut away parts of the car/kit in order for the kit to fit. This was on a MkIV, though. Will...
  18. twisted by dezign

    Distorted bass in left speaker

    I have a Canadian GTI, it has a stock premium audio HU and it has 10 speakers. When I play music from Sirius satellite radio the bass tends to sound distorted from the front left bass speaker as if the speaker is blown but music from the CD sounds just fine. Are there any solutions to this? I...
  19. twisted by dezign

    Maintenance according to the ECU

    My GTI is currently at 72xx km and I am supposed to take the car for its first maintenance at 8000 km or by November. However, the ECU says that I have to service the car now. Do I listen to the ECU or just wait until 8000 km for service?
  20. twisted by dezign

    Just curb rashed my huf this morning :(

    So I was pulling out from a stupidly designed underground parking lot at a hotel and the turn to exit the lot was at an acute angle to the right of the parking exit. I curbed my front left huf because of this :( It's mostly unnoticeable since it's just along the rim of the wheel for only a...