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  1. MonkeyMD

    EA888 powered Tesla
  2. MonkeyMD

    Is this the most scenic drag strip?

    Came across this article about a drag strep in WV that has been in limbo since 2015. Really sad as it looks amazing
  3. MonkeyMD

    Golf R sale causes fight

    Just read the dealer notes for this car.
  4. MonkeyMD

    Threw up in my mouth a little today

    Saw this come up behind me. I wasn't prepared for the revulsion it induced. And it looks much better in the picture.
  5. MonkeyMD

    TikTok - funny, car, them here

    DAP getting into modding electric cars
  6. MonkeyMD

    Grunt grunt...fix

    Don't know why this guy is so entertaining.
  7. MonkeyMD

    How to save money shipping a downpipe Sorry if you don't have TikTok, but couldn't save the video
  8. MonkeyMD

    How you deal with trespassing kids
  9. MonkeyMD

    I want to buy a car from this employee

    So depressing lately. Nice to see a good story every once in a while.
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    Cool racing / car videos

    Wasn't sure where to post this but it was too good not to. Just starting a thread to post cool racing videos from youtube or wherever
  11. MonkeyMD

    Best race of the year!!!

  12. MonkeyMD

    Porsche Heist Commercial

  13. MonkeyMD

    Former Nissan CEO escapes from Japanese jail...

    Well not quite, but Carlos Ghosn did escape from Japan when his bail specifically stated he couldn't leave, he had all his passports confiscated and his residence was under 24 hour surveillance...
  14. MonkeyMD

    Super rare Blackout Edition How many of you would rock this?
  15. MonkeyMD

    BMW trolls MB & it backfires
  16. MonkeyMD

    Best racing ever - Stadium trucks at Road America
  17. MonkeyMD

    NFS in real life
  18. MonkeyMD

    2017 GTI is worth 10x more than 2016

    Was browsing Turo and came across these 2 GTIs And non sequitur, ran across this 370Z...
  19. MonkeyMD

    Civic TyR Shredder

    A whopping 10k miles. So every oil change is a tire replacement
  20. MonkeyMD

    ¿Mazda 8?

    I'll take this in wagon form.