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  1. Maximum6

    Leaking grease

    What is this part of the car where im leaking grease? Its the center of the car right by the dsg transmission. It sprayed a line of silvery paste on the sway bar and heat shield from the exhaust. Trying to upload photos
  2. Maximum6

    Coil Pack, Fuel Injector maintenance?

    I'm looking to see if there are people out there with 100+k miles on their Mk5 GTI, that can chime in on whether Coil Packs need to be replaced at a certain mile, and if Fuel Injectors should be taken out to be cleaned by a fuel injector specialist. Also if there is a recommended time to replace...
  3. Maximum6

    2007 Mk5 GTI Alignment Spec

    ALIGNMENT SPECS: Front: Camber: -30' +/- 30' (US) -44' +/- 30' (Euro) Toe Out (at left and right lock) : 1deg 38' (US) 1deg 22' (Euro) Caster: 7deg 34' (US) 7deg 47 (Euro) Ride Height: 382mm +/- 7mm (US) 360 +/- 7mm (Euro) Rear: Camber 1deg 20' (US) 1deg 45' (Euro) This is what I found online...
  4. Maximum6

    CV Axle replacement, Cost?

    I got a quote from a few shops around town. I'm getting the range of $270 to about $650. This is just for the front Passenger Side CV Axle replacement. I don't need to replace the axle, but it does have a bit of grease on it, and all the shops told me to replace the entire thing.
  5. Maximum6

    purge air from coolant?

    I recently broke the upper radiator hose plastic which is right by the fuel pump. I have replaced it with a new part, but I am wondering how to purge air from the system? Do I refill the coolant g12 (1:1 dilution)...
  6. Maximum6

    Valentine v1 radar

    V1 radar with car charger, windshield mount, sun visor mount an red/black wire taps if you want to tap to car power source. $300, buyer pay shipping
  7. Maximum6

    Wheel width vs offset

    I am wondering how wheel offset and width will affect performance. I read that going too far from the strut will have negative impact on suspension geometry. Example: 18x8.5 wheel with 60mm offset vs 18x8 wheel with 55mm offset will give the 18x8 wheel 11 mm more inner clearance from the...
  8. Maximum6

    Rusted metal squeak suspension sound at the Rear

    I had my stock suspension put back on....with HR sport springs. I've always had HR sport springs on since the car had low miles with no issues. However, its been a while now and the sound hasn't gone away after the reinstall of the stock suspension from coilovers. When ever I go over speed...
  9. Maximum6

    Car accident situation question

    If a car was in a car accident where there were no damages AT ALL (< 2mph) Car A = at fault Car B = got hit Car B driver claims to have prior medical condition and grabs the neck and rubs it alot after the accident while still seated in driver seat. He leans over to the glove compartment to...
  10. Maximum6

    2007 GTI part out: Coilover, Camber Plates, Triple Gauge, Harness, Exhaust

    HR RSS Coilover + Street/track Camber plate, OEM Springs HR RSS Coilover with HR Street/track Camber plates Sold $50 OEM Springs
  11. Maximum6

    anybody have Unitronic No lift shift and 2 Step?

    Does any body have this yet? They advertise it on their website with UniConnect, but I don't see much of anything around the web about it.
  12. Maximum6

    Civic type R engine coming to US Just saying, if it it true.....I still will not buy the car, because the most important part about type R is not just the engine.
  13. Maximum6

    Stilo ST4F vs Arai GP6

    More specifically, I'm looking at the Stilo ST4F Naked and the Arai GP6S model Now, fire retardant isn't really an...
  14. Maximum6

    Car jump starting

    Okay, so the Honda Accord battery died. I try and jump start it with the GTI. In this order: Red on Positive of Dead car Red on Positive of Live car Black on Negative of Live car Black on metal of Dead car. This is the order the manual dictates. I tried jump starting and it failed. Then...
  15. Maximum6

    Schroth quick fit pro with racing seat I am wondering if anybody has done racing seat with their Quick Fit Pro. I understand that the belt has only been approved for stock seats, but I imagine if FIA fixed back seats were suppose to be used with racing harnesses, the...
  16. Maximum6

    Random detailing tools

    Meguiars 3” Backing Plate $12.00 shipped Gallon Container Dispensing Pump $2.50 /each (shipping depends on address) Foaming Trigger Sprayer $2.50 (shipping depends on address) Meguiars DA Power Sytem Tool $30.00 (shipped) Power Drill $20 (shipped) Steam Cleaner $45.00 (shipped) Mirror Glaze...
  17. Maximum6

    Clutch upgrade for the manual guys

    I am curious what clutch upgrade do the manual guys here use for their stage 1 and stage 2, etc. ? Even if you're stock power, did you upgrade to endure track days?
  18. Maximum6

    Road Side Assistance

    I was looking in my GTI's manual and it had a brochure for road side assistance. I used it once and I don't remember if I paid anything for the service as I just needed a jump start. I probably did pay something. Anyway, I was wondering what is a good Road side assistance service cost? I hear...
  19. Maximum6

    APR mobile vs GIAC wireless

    GIAC: APR: Does unitronic have one yet?
  20. Maximum6

    Can you put 1 piece rotor on a 2 piece rotor BBK?

    I was looking at Zeckhausen Racing site for replacement rotors. Then I noticed that the 328x28 sizing comes in 1 piece sizing. I am curious if you have a BBK that fits 328x28 2 piece rotors, if you could just slap on a 1 piece rotor that is also a 328x28 instead?