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  1. danielj1

    2013 Ford Fusion Ecoboost Review

    I just returned from a 1200 mile trip from Orlando through Charleston up to Franklin NC back then down to Atlanta (I do this every year to visit friends and family). My rental car options were either a Camry, Impala, Malibu (the new one) or an Altima (last gen). I saw a Fusion with dual...
  2. danielj1

    Goodbye GTI. Hello BMW x135 **1k Mile Update

    Today, with mixed feelings, I parted with my GTI. Just shy of 3 years and a whopping 14k miles on the clock. I love almost everything about the GTI. The list is simply too long to mention. But it was time for a change. I'm 39 and have had 18 cars so I guess I have car ADD :p I have been...