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    AMG II Monoblocks

    I have a set of AMG II Monoblocks. I know I need the hubcentric rings 66.56-57.1, I found a plastic set. Now I'm curious what size I need for the extended lugs? I believe they are ball seat. I've heard 45 mm, I've come across these, will they be fine? I've done my searching and I'm getting...
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    2001 vw passat wagon - saleing for a friend -

    If you have any question please contact the number giving in this thread. Price is 5600 price drop 973 332 8940 2001 passat wagon 1.8t just hit 144k miles automatic fully loaded except cd player interior is stock no mods except 50% suntek hp50 blue mercedes look alike tint exterior jom...
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    09 gti vs 00 acura tl type s

    Just want to know who would win the race? He has a pulley. What I have is my air ride lol for aerodynamics I guess and my awe chipped ecu =]. But question is can I take him the way I am or should I wait till march 14 and i install my turbo back exhaust and cai? -r0nni
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    Tristate sale

    Spare Tire - $100 Brand new Never used Mason tech bag - $120 Used Univeral Bag - $70 OEM GTI lip - $50 OEM suspension - $ 300 - I bought my car and drove to my friends the same day so he can install my air-ride. 100 miles..still mint These stock suspension please local buyers only no...
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    alotta thanks

    I want to give thanks to everyone who has help me with my car as far as doing work to it or taking the time to keep my car safe!. Jake - My 1st insparation - i bought his air-ride kit he did the work on my rims Mike Trino - install My air-ride, got my front lip installed and painted. got my car...
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    adobe photoshop cs4 cd key?

    hii the cs4 i downloaded key doesnt work =/ anyone have a legit key? -r0nni
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    r0nni|bloomfield,nj|2009 MK5 GTI

    sorry for long picture post. I never made a thread just for my car. Since iam doing so now just doing a story board of pictures to show you when i 1st bought it till today =]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    FS - audi tt phat five | One steelie

    I have a set of audi tt phat five for sale ive never used them but the previous owner took good care of them. i bought the set of him with 1 month use of brand new tires. I also have one brand new steelie. $450 OBO I believe the specs are 5x112 or 114 cause it to wont fit my 2009 GTI. pick...
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    anyone have garage space =]

    if you do let me know :D hopefully by bloomfield nj =] -r0nni
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    oem fenders where to buy?

    hi i was wondering where you can find an exact fit oem fenders online? I know how company sale fenders that dont fit right and that not what i am looking for. Thanks! -r0nni
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    Hi everyone ill start out what the problem is the car is basically slammed to the ground I have a easy street air kit suspenion. Everything in my car is working lights turn on car turns on radio turns on lighter connectors work for my phone charger. but the only thing that doesnt work is the...
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    NJ/NY/PA Hey. Anyone want to make money doing work on my new gti mk5?

    Hi. Iam looking for mechanics/electricians who know gti mk5 inside and out! I was interested in having installed. 1. d.v. 2. Adjustable short shifter. 3. Installing boost gauges. 4. Suspenison -r0nni
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    h20 meet?

    Hey i was wondering if there's gonna be a h20 meet? if yes wanna set up a meet up in nj for anyone whos making the drive to maryland? -r0nni