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  1. Donald32

    Who has more warranty works on his/her car than I do??

    Front struts replaced Front coils replaced Fuel pump replaced Front struts replaced again Fuel pump replaced again Megatronics unit replaced DSG replaced Starter Motor replaced A/C compressor replaced Water pump to be replaced 11 March?? Even though CCC has been marvellous in helping me...
  2. Donald32

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a safe and wonderful time with your family and friends! Cheers!!! Don :happyanim: :drinking: :party0038:
  3. Donald32

    My R is jinxed

    My vehicle is 13 months old but it already have had new front springs and struts, a new fuel pump and the latest, a new DSG gearbox - all replaced under warranty. In addition, 2 guys have driven into me albeit light damage only. It must be the worst jinxed MkV. I'm seriously thinking of...
  4. Donald32

    OEM Open Air Vents - Group Buy!!

    Why is it not fully open rather than a squared out area? Would look neater with the rest of the open grill.
  5. Donald32

    Bleak Christmas

    I put my car in reverse in the garage but noticed boot was not closed tight. Stepped out to close boot and the car started to roll back. Found myself quickly pinned in the diminishing space between my car, my car door and my missus' other golf - we don't park parallel in the garage...
  6. Donald32

    Merry Christmas!!

    :happyanim: Merry Christmas fellow GolfMkVers!! :happyanim: I have enjoyed 2007 on this board and look forward to another year of your posts!! Have a good one! Donald
  7. Donald32

    things that fit in your christmas stocking...

    Like this one?
  8. Donald32

    things that fit in your christmas stocking...

    Removing existing fob badge - to avoid damage to the plastic, pry at 9 o'clock. Zero glue at underlying steel/screw head causes the badge to pop up easily. Covering old ground... thanks to Ian. I used the dark chrome. Original v OSIR
  9. Donald32

    Fuel Pump Issues

    My fuel pump has been humming loudly and intermittently over the last few weeks. It has been frustrating cos' I have to wait for the high-pitched humming before I could bring the car in for the technicians to listen to same. CCC replaced my main pump last Thursday but the humming came back on...
  10. Donald32

    R32 Flapper Mod

    Has any of the32 owners considered the flapper mod? It looks too simple. Wonder how noisy it would be in the32 on the freeway.
  11. Donald32

    It's belittling - no pun intended

    Not as balanced as these :smile:
  12. Donald32

    Modding front of R32?

    I know what you mean, less like the Jetta and Passat too and more like a Golf. This is what I have done with Avery 900 signage paper (thanks to Alex our blackout king), blade and hairdryer. Dirt cheap and effective for now without replacing the whole front. Took me about an hour.
  13. Donald32

    Spotted Down Under

    Spotted frangipanis on rearscreen, windows and even doors? I don't get it :iono:
  14. Donald32

    MKVI Golf Spy Pictures

    MkV... same VAG photoshop artist?
  15. Donald32

    BackSeat Rattles... of the wrong kind

    I thought I should fix the loud backseat rattles which have been annoying me for the last 4 months. Having searched the forums, the plausible root cause was the seatbelt retainer but mine was more metal on metal and most frequent when I'm alone. Here's what I have done and it has completely...
  16. Donald32

    Wheel Repairs Sydney

    Missus badly clipped her wheel on her Sportline. Searched around the boards and found this from JamieGTi. Custom Painting & Wheel Repairs 11 Romford Road Kings Park Any suggestion for a reliable repairer somewhere in Sydney? Thanks Donald
  17. Donald32

    Your ride before the MK5

    Sorry, BMW photo only. My photos are somewhere in my CDs. Great car, fit and quality, smooth as, RWD! etc. 335i or R32, I couldn't resist the V6, sound, gusto and $value of the32 when I was supposed to be test-driving a GTi for my wife. So, I'm now a MkV owner who misses the kidneys.
  18. Donald32

    Modifed Front Grill

    Please let me know what you think? Cheers BEFORE THIS AFTERNOON
  19. Donald32

    Recommendations for Service Centres - Sydney

    Missus and I bought our vehicles from Denlo and have been asked to return for service at James Ruse Drive. Missus had her first service there and was reasonably satisfied. That said, they cleaned the car and blackened the tyres contrary to her instructions not to. Mine is due soon but I...
  20. Donald32

    How do you gun it in DSG?

    Driving in D6 in DSG and you want to gun it, how do you do it? 1. Floor it in D6? 2. Left flappy paddle 3 times quickly to D3? 3. Pull back gear shift to 'S' mode, automatically kicking it back to S3? :iono: