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  1. cb1111

    Who knows about Macs

    I'm completely Mac illiterate. My sister has two old (one very old) Mac laptops that no longer boot (the newer one is missing the battery and the other one starts to boot then powers down She has photos on the laptops that she'd like to get off. Can I just pull the hard drives, stick them into...
  2. cb1111

    Television recommendations

    In my home office I have a 2008 Samsung 46 inch 720p TV that is starting to die (periodically gets a vertical black line about a third in - not awful but annoying) and the thing is ancient - I probably got my money's worth. In my family room I have a 50 inch Samsung UN50H5203AFXZA (so mid level...
  3. cb1111

    Who can talk to me about hardware VPNs

    I have a client with three offices - DC, Albuquerque and Germany. It is one person operation. His main office is in DC and while he uses a VPN for security on the road, he'd like something that won't slow him down (like a regular VPN) and requires zero skills once set up at his other offices...
  4. cb1111

    Stellantis (FCA) going electric

    and each company has their own motto Abarth - „Heating Up People, But Not the Planet“ Alfa Romeo - „From 2024, Alfa Becomes Alfa e-Romeo“ Chrysler - „Clean Technology for a New Generation of Families“ Citroën - „Citroën Electric: Well-Being for All!“ Dodge - „Tear up the streets… But Not the...
  5. cb1111

    Anybody running Win 11?

    Upgrade was no different from the usual Win10 updates. Search bar gone and replaced by an icon - so an additional step to look for something, but I suspect few people used the search bar. Start button and all of the task bar icons centered now (that takes some getting used to) Those goofy tiles...
  6. cb1111

    anybody else having "quote" issues with Firefox

    Recently - last week or so - whenever I click "quote", it'll open the reply box but won't quote the message. I've updated Firefox, restarted the computer, but it still has the issue. Any thoughts?