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    2008 Gti f23t. 6700obo

    Gti mk5 for sale looking to buy a c6 corvette
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    Gti F23t turbo wmi 7500obo

    Gti F23t turbo wmi 6500 obo Going to the dark side want a v8
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    Bfi stage 3 clutch problems

    Bought a stage 3 bfi clutch did the break in period now I’m having problem will lock me out of gear in high rpm yes I did a shifter alignment and trans fluid still nothing it will get stuck in gear where I have to rev the car and force it out of gear if I put the car in first and rev the car to...
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    2008 with F23t turbo eurodyne wmi 105k 9k obo

    Looking to sell my gti mk5 2008 so I can by a mustang switching to the dark side car is in great shape hood has some rock chips in it and the door cards need to be redone will prolly redo befor selling Franken turbo F23t Snow proformance stage 2 wmi still in box Unitronic stage 2+ / eurodyne...
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    F23t fsi vs k04 tsi

    Couple rolls with my buddy in his tsi mk5 with a k04 unitronic software my mk5 fsi with the F23t camera car on unitronic k04 software plz like and subscribe
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    Water meth

    So I bought a stage 2 wmi snow proformance I am running a stage 2+ unitronic tune with a F23t turbo was wondering can I run the wmi without getting a new tune threw eurodyne or should I wait and save up for a new tune for the wmi
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    Feels like I hit a wall

    Doing a 3rd gear pull and it hit 6k rpm and felt like I hit a wall then back fired and revs slowly went back down change the spark plugs and did a boost leak test any thing eles I can do helppppp Here’s a video I replaced the spark plugs coil pack fuel filter still no luck plzzz help worked...
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    Helpppp rpm jumping and backfire

    Was driving my car went to get into boost and the car started jerking then I got it home revved it up and the rpm go from 3k 1k 0k back to 2k then drops down back fires like crazy don’t mind the noise in the back had a car loading stuff in the bed of his truck helppp here’s a video...
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    Need to clear my car parts closet stuff that I don't use and laying around Ecs oil filter housing SOLD Rear wiper motor 50 Trunk cover SOLD Stock hpfp internals. 75 Trunk foam 50 Spare tire oem 50 Trunk liner 50 Stock cattback SoLD Stock...
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    Engine help code p0010

    Been having boost problems for about a week throwing code p0010 what is it can anyone help
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    Help weried boost problem and idel

    So went out Mexico last night and did a dig and a couple rolls and first and second gear was pushing 25lbs of boost then switch into 3 felt the lost of power and was only running 18 then switch to 4th and went back to 25 any idea what it could be did it a couple times the past week Video of...
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    I pad 2

    Barley ever used it looking get extra money for vacation 150shipped
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    Stock gti parts for sale

    2006-2008 gti would like all local pick up Maryland location but will ship if you pay Stock downpipe 50you pay shipping Stock Exhaust. 75 Spm/and stock resonator 25 a peace you pay shipping Rear seats 200 Stock springs and struts 50 Trunk cover 50 Cam housing. 100 Stock injectors 50...
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    Franken turbo gti vs stage 2 sti/wrx Gap all Subies Like to YouTube channel Subscribe for more races plzz
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    Went k04 turbo now boost and idel problems

    So the other day was at a stop light and my idel went from 800 to about a 1100-1400 drop back down to 800 then back to 1000 started driving boost went from 24 to 22 the weried idel stop for a day or two then today it started again at every light then the boost went from 22 to about 19 1-3...
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    gti parts

    will post other pics tommaro got some old parts that i dont need no more buyer pays for shipping stock downpipe would like local pick up baltimore 75obo stock resnator / spm resnator 50 a peice stock springs and struts 80obo rear windshield wiper with motor 60 obo cam...
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    06/09 EOS 2.0T BPY FSI BRAKE VACUUM PUMP / car chain cover Vacuum pump 60obo Cam housing 120obo Get both for 150 together plus shipping
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    06/09 EOS 2.0T BPY FSI BRAKE VACUUM PUMP Here is the picture looking get 60obo you pay shipping
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    k03 85k miles Maryland

    Looking to get 130obo has 85 k miles on it went bigger turbo Picture below
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    Frankenturbo over boost help

    Bought a frankenturbo F23t put s3 injectors in and got a k04 tune with unitronic till I can afford unitedmotor sport Went for a drive after getting tune and spikes up to 35psi of boost when the tune calls for 22-23 pounds Messed with the preload on the turbo and can only back out so far...