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  1. Chumleepro3

    Rattling noise when feathering clutch out

    When I feather out the clutch in 1st or reverse it sounds like marbles rattling in a can. My car has 115000 km on it and has started doing this in the last 5000km. What is causing this and do I need to get something fixed?
  2. Chumleepro3

    CDV Delete

    Anyone done this and have any review? Thanks
  3. Chumleepro3

    Neuspeed Pflo filter relocation benefits

    With the Pflo intake I have the filter is behind the drivers headlight and seems to be missing out on the airflow from the holes in the grille for the factory ram scoop. I saw somewhere before that someone cut the Pflo pipe and put the filter on closer to the bend for more direct airflow. Would...
  4. Chumleepro3

    Adjusting Rear Hatch Alignment

    Does anyone know how to adjust the rear hatch. I can see it's those little nubs with the stoppers but they look one way, how do you push them in as my hatch is to far out?
  5. Chumleepro3

    Install of 42dd Solid Shifter Endlink Bushings and Verdict Shifter Bracket Bushings

    Just wanted to know if it is necessary to lock the shifter and trans while installing these bushings? Also if you mark where alignment was originally at does it need to be changed following install?
  6. Chumleepro3

    Water/Meth Injection and Catch Can in Winter

    Looking at buying another mkv gti that has water/meth and a catch can. I know its summer now but in the winter is it safe? As in when its -30 C (-22F) is the catch can going to freeze. Reading through different threads it looks like if you empty it every week/ couple days you'll be ok, opinions...
  7. Chumleepro3

    Driver Door Electronics Not Working

    After disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, the drivers door electronics do not work, including window switches and lock/unlock button. Even when driving the lock icon does not light up - passenger doors does as well as passenger window button works. Window is stuck down, and its going to...
  8. Chumleepro3

    Reducing Engine Temps

    When people say they removed the cowl trim to reduce engine temps, they are talking about the rain tray trim correct? Would this not allow water to enter the engine bay?
  9. Chumleepro3

    Downpipe on Stage 1

    Ok, so after much searching I haven't found a direct answer. My car is stage 1 with Unitronic and I would like to put a downpipe on without going stage 2. Reason why is because I don't want the extra power!!...and extra wear and tear. I also don't want to have to buy a HPFP if I get fuel cuts. I...
  10. Chumleepro3

    Performance LEDs?

    I ordered a pair of LED plate lights from and they have been on order for over a month. I have sent 3 emails to them looking for any information on the status of my order and haven't got a reply. Has anyone dealt with this company before and if so should I be worried? I read...
  11. Chumleepro3

    What size muffler fits?

    I have a stock exhaust except for a resonator delete...want it a little louder and deeper. It's an aftermarket muffler the way to achieve this? What company, style, and size fits well? And no I don't want to get a downpipe and have to go stage 2
  12. Chumleepro3

    Led Bar Behind Grille?

    I want to mount an led bar behind the upper or lower grille but am concerned about how it may adversely affect air flow to the radiator or intercooler. Opinions? The spare one I have off my brothers old truck measures 21 inch wide by 3 inch high by 3 inch deep.
  13. Chumleepro3

    Reflex Silver Wheel Ideas?

    So my brother just got a 2007 GTI in reflex silver and hates how it looks stock. He got because it was $10000 and had 43000km from the original owner German couple; and under my advice :biggrin: we have been looking at all sort of rims online but still can't find the right ones. Black looks to...
  14. Chumleepro3

    Angry Shift Knob

    I just ordered an 'Angry Shift Knob' from and I want to know what shift boot I should get in order to get it to look like this...
  15. Chumleepro3

    Need Help...Dropped Can follower into parts unknown

    So today I was checking my cam follower like a good vw owner :wink: when I was replacing it and had I nice and lubed up I went to put it back in and it slipped from my.fingers and fell into the engine bay. I've been looking for it for the last 3 hours but cannot find it. It fell infringe of the...
  16. Chumleepro3

    Looking for GTI with Lancer front photoshop link

    I know I've seen it before on here I just cant find it again. Does somebody know the link? Thanks
  17. Chumleepro3

    New Wheels from Direct Auto Imports?

    So my buddy owns a tire shop and I asked him what rims he could get a deal on for me; so he said showed me these Direct Auto Imports rims and said they are one of his suppliers so he could get me a great price on them. I just wanted to know has anyone heard of them before? I already got them on...