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    Is my engine a replacement unit?

    I have an 08 GTI with a BPY engine This label is on the timing belt cover, does it mean this engine was manufactured 7th of Jun 2012 or maybe June 12th of 07? Any input appreciated
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    Headlight Issue J519

    I have an 08 GTI, the passenger headlight is not getting power for the low beam light. I have the drivers side working and have switched Igniter, ballast and bulb to the passenger side; testing the pin connectors for power, there is no power on the passenger pins that have power on the drivers...
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    Where to start troubleshooting headlights

    I have a project car that I recently bought. 08, three door Mark V GTI. I have all the components for the headlights, but no headlights will shine, blinkers work. Is there a way to bench test the ballast and the igniters? All advice i see online relates to switching to the working side until...
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    Steering Rack replacement How to Thread?

    I need to replace my Steering Rack, have searched around but do not see any how to/step by step guides. Anybody have a link to one they would be able to share. Thanks, Andy
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    New owner, power steering rack question

    I bought an 08 GTI three door stick Engine mounts toast, turbo melted power steering rack motor enclosure, so i need a new rack. Question: are they generic or do i need to grab the PN off the old one and make sure i get the same? Intend to do the work myself, and buy a used part if possible...