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  1. Charlotte.:R

    Investing in Private Equity as a new hire

    Any investment gurus in here? My wife is starting a new job in PE and has the opportunity to buy 'units' of the company. 18 months ago when the company started up 'units' were $1, now they are $1.70. If they sell, or she leaves, the 'units' payout. Good or bad idea? Risks? This is all new...
  2. Charlotte.:R

    I now own two 2.0 turbo VAG cars

    We traded in my wife's '17 Accord on a CPO 2018 A4 Premium Plus over the weekend. While I'm going to miss the sound of Honda's 3.5 V6, I'm not going to miss the wheelspin and outdated technology. As a die hard manual guy, I gotta say the 7 speed auto shifts ridiculously fast and the paddles...
  3. Charlotte.:R

    Vegas - What to do

    My wife and I are going to Vegas next month. This will be our first vacation without kids (5 and 7). My wife has been to Vegas before, but I haven't. Not a big gambler, so finding somewhere to waste a little money won't be a problem. We arrive late afternoon Thursday, and I fly out Monday at...