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  1. vegasGTI

    Hpfp rebuild options.....

    So driving home car goes into limp flashing cell them constant. Got it home checked my ic hoses and then I noticed the smell of fuel. Of course I left my vag in Oregon when I came back to Vegas because I said to myself, and I quote, "I haven't used it in years, I won't need it.". Yeah so...
  2. vegasGTI

    Nitro WM Injection

    So as many know Snow Performance sells something called Nitro Booster which is basically nitromethane. Supposedly they use and emulsifier in it to suspend it in water. Some say adding plain nitro does the same thing as the water/alch will not mix with it anyways. Curious if someone with more...
  3. vegasGTI

    Power to the ground

    So as you know it can be difficult to put power to the ground especially after stage 1 and above. I and others have done mods to help this situation. Since all we talk about here is making more power, thought this thread might be helpful. I would like to have people chime in with the mods...
  4. vegasGTI

    Konig Inceptions with 245/40/17's installed

    Konig Inceptions with 245/40/17's installed (UPDATED WITH PICS) Installing these Friday. First thing I have modded on the car in years. Currently run 235/45/17 Michellin Pilot Super Sports on stock Denvers. They lasted me about 4 and a half years and ~42k miles. Excited to see how the extra...
  5. vegasGTI

    Pretty Pretty INA WM Spacer

    Pretty Pretty. Very nice work solid looking piece. Big thanks to Larry(Giacuser) and INA Engineering.
  6. vegasGTI

    KO4 vs new GLI

    New GLI thought he was fast and when switching lanes on a back road yesterday I hear him floor it so I obliged. Naturally the outcome was predictable. Usually most VW drivers are cool to each other but when he pulled next to me he didn't even look over. The only reason for posting this was the...
  7. vegasGTI

    Switched to 375ml nozzle from 225ml

    Switched to a single 375ml nozzle tonight and noticed a big difference. The car is definitely much quicker. I only drove 7 miles so will post more tomorrow but the tire broke traction in 3rd at a much higher rpm where it never used to with revs that high. Could be because my tires were...
  8. vegasGTI

    sway bar bracket shearing anyone ever seen this?

    So my rear right away bar bracket (the c shaped one) sheared. I and the shop have never seen this before. It's not that big of a deal really, but have never seen or heard of this. I don't track it and have the least agressive springs you can get which are not the issue it happened before...
  9. vegasGTI

    need a driver side ecs or oem projector fog

    Know its wrong forum section but I always seem to get a better response here. Raised car to do my springs just now and noticed my driver side fog is cracked and ecs only sells them in pairs. Does anyone have a single driver side projector fog h11 style bulb lying around they can part with. Tia
  10. vegasGTI

    H&R OE sport springs install and impressions thread

    There seems to be the least amount of information about these than any other option and the drop is probably the reason. But in my case the drop is exactly why I went with them. I barely clear most curbs ect now so going super low on my daily was not in my interest. My car can be a little...
  11. vegasGTI

    anyone happen to have a spare koni sport shocks adjustment knob they could sell me...

    I think i sort of drove off with it on my sunroof:thumbdown:
  12. vegasGTI

    bunspeed fueling

    So I'm down to thinking sticking injector or lpfp. If you have logs I can push them through to the proper people at GIAC and we will look at them at shop. Let me know if you need further assistance. Your pm file is full BTW. Have you tried a Bg or seafoam fueling treatment?
  13. vegasGTI

    Any gatherings happening for SEMA this week?

    Anything going on for SEMA this week? Would be cool to get together with some vw audi peeps from across country.
  14. vegasGTI

    giac extreme file on USA vehicle anyone running it?...

    Some of you may remember the post a little bit ago talking about the ko4 file for upgraded rods lpfp ect. Curious if anyone is running this file yet?
  15. vegasGTI

    not really a kill but interesting nonetheless. ..

    Coming home cruising windows down minding own business on the freeway going like 5mph over in the middle lane and out of nowhere a yellow B7 S4 gets in front of me, doesn't cut me off or anything rude, so now im just pacing him set about the same speed I was traveling beforehand. About a mile...
  16. vegasGTI

    G37S vs KO4 GTI

    Get on the service road a little bit ago in the left lane and a minivan and nissan versa are in front of me and in right lane is a G37S. It a light before a big 1/2 to 3/4 mile 3 lane road with a sweeping left in the beginning and the straightens out for most of it. I stay in the left lane...
  17. vegasGTI

    whats your oil consumption like?

    Im usually running low before my oil changes and have to add a quart. I use full synthetic a d change every 5k miles. What are other peoples cars consuming?
  18. vegasGTI

    Should I install a check va lve if im using my ww tank for my wm? YES YOU SHOULD...

    so normally never had any problems with this setup. Every once and awhile if I fill the tank all the way to the top of the gooseneck I get some minor misfires next time I drive. Last night I filled it to the top by accident. Today I go to drive and my car is bucking misfiring ect. I was in my...
  19. vegasGTI

    Who would be up for a engine/drivetrain/exhaust Vegas meet....

    Not excluding anyone so let me clarify. The majority or the people whom post a lot on this particular section seem to be more technically inclined and care more about go then show (again no offense to any forum member to each their own).I think it would be awesome to get some of us together...
  20. vegasGTI

    how come they didn't come with my mkv too?. ....

    Hehe little vday fun