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  1. GTI Jake

    My new dream car (obtainable-ish)

    Bored between gate calls at my aviation job I stumbled across the Ultima GTR, which lead me to the current Ultima Evo (modern kit super car, LS powered). Figured some of you guys might get a kick out of this, and with the base price coming in around $120,000USD it may actually be a possibility...
  2. GTI Jake

    DF Goblin Kit Car

    I started following the owner of one of these on IG and lately started talking about project cars with the guys at work. 1,600lbs & 260hp (depending on the donor) based on any model/trim of the Cobalt I haven’t mentioned it to the wife (lol), but I’m really torn...
  3. GTI Jake

    IT help/recommendations thread

    I’m not the most technical guy when it comes to computer/internet networking kinda stuff so I’m looking for ideas from those of you who are well rounded in that field. Issue: I built my shop roughly 200ft from my house and would like to have wifi out there. The building isn’t on Google earth...
  4. GTI Jake

    Virginia backroad: Back of the Dragon

    Saw this mentioned on a Facebook page and had never heard of it. At first glance it’s not a very original name choice (The Tail of the Dragon in NC/TN being the most famous road on the side of the United States), but after reading the bio I guess I’ll...
  5. GTI Jake

    Quick Jack one year review

    So it’s been just over a year since I purchased my QuickJack 5500# model with DC power unit (ordered at the end of their father’s day sale 2018). I probably average one use per week with it, so more than most, but far less than say a detail shop who’d use it several times daily. Overall it’s...
  6. GTI Jake

    Veloster N

    Saw this at the dealership I bought our new to us Suburban from. That’s it, just figured I’d share lol It looks like they literally bought a gti and reverse engineered it as far as powertrain and suspension goes. I’m sure it’s a pile of crap, just like my wife’s aweful Kia Sorento we’re...
  7. GTI Jake

    Which cellphone sucks less?

    I don’t wanna spark a full blown debate here, but I’m really torn on what to do with my current iPhone 6s. The battery life is basically non existent, and updates usually screw it up beyond recognition for as long as a week, and this is what I use for literally everything...I don’t use any other...
  8. GTI Jake

    3 row SUV for the family + towing

    Having a slow night at work and kicking around my next SUV purchase. My wife (unfortunately) has a 2016 Kia Sorento LX AWD lease at the moment, until April 2019. I won't go into how we ended up with that mess, but believe me I had nothing to do with that decision lol So with a little over a...
  9. GTI Jake

    The WAY OFF TOPIC thread

    Lately I've found myself kinda BS'ing in my threads and other. Why not start one just for that? Post pics, BS, videos whatever here. Only rule is keep it clean as far as spelling out curse words. I've seen people mention their work computer will flag inappropriate sites for that so keep tins...
  10. GTI Jake

    600hp Mk4 on CL

    Not my car or anything, but a buddy sent this to me so I figured I'd share. Pretty bad ass, and looks like good quality fabrication throughout. I can't wait to see mk7 built to this level vs the off the shelf bolt ons everyone's running...
  11. GTI Jake

    I kinda want a Passat R line

    Anyone here own a current body style (B7-B8?) Passat? My wife and I have our second child due in December and along with her nesting I've been thinking about making room for another kid as well. The only thing holding me back is we both already have 2016s. My Gti and her big dumb Kia Sorento...
  12. GTI Jake

    Appreciating my GTI

    I never really get bored with my GTI, it's still as much fun after 38,000 miles (if not more) than the day I got it, but sometimes you really realize what an awesome car it really is once you spend some time in something less than great. One of my good friends asked me to be one of his...
  13. GTI Jake

    2017 Jetta 1.4TSI tune availability?

    I've been a influence (good or bad, depends on who you ask) on the guys at work and so far three have bought new Volkswagens. A 2016 gti s dsg (already APR stage 1), a 2017 gti sport 6mt, and a 2017 1.4tsi Jetta. I've read that the 2017 2.0tsi tune isn't out yet, but what about the 1.4tsi? Also...
  14. GTI Jake

    H2oi 2017

    Haven't seen anything on here yet, and I'm assuming most of our mk7 crowd isn't into shows/meets, but anyone planning to go? I started going in 2011 and went every year since with the excuption of last year. It's always a good time, but who knows if Ill make it this year. Tap House parking...
  15. GTI Jake

    Searching for a mail route vehicle

    My wife's on the pre hire list for a rural mail route so I've been looking for something RHD for her. My minds blown! The prices people ask for 15-20 year old RHD jeeps are outrageous. For example the average for a 97-01 XJ is $7000-12,000, while KBB value is 2-3k. I've considered doing a RHD...
  16. GTI Jake

    Other than Mk7 projects

    I'm bored at work and tinkered with my truck a bit today so I figured I'd post a few pics. Post up your projects besides our hot hatches. I'll start it off with my 1993 W250, or as it's commonly referred to my first gen Cummins. It's been on the back burner to Volkswagens the last five or so...
  17. GTI Jake

    Mk6 hoarder status: How many have/do you own

    So I sold one of my mk6 today and I'm wondering how many you guys have had/have. I tend to buy and sell a lot as I'll be flying to DC to buy my 15th Volkswagen just before my 24th birthday, three of them being mk6 so far. So to take a break from shit haus powlssss here's a car related one YOOOO
  18. GTI Jake

    How long do you poo

    On average how long does it take you to take a dump?
  19. GTI Jake

    Lowered Radio Flyer pics

    Here's the wagon I built for my son, lets see everyones low wagons!
  20. GTI Jake

    mk1 rabbit diesel project

    Not really a build thread so I figured this would be the place to post, just wanted to share my project. Long story short I picked it up for $300 last night without seeing it run (no battery) and the PO said it had not been driven for over 2 years. Threw a battery in it at PEP Boys on the way...