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    I finally did it - C2!

    Thanks all! As soon as the CPO runs out I'll be getting an APR tune as well. Should be good for close to 500HP with IC's as well. It's funny, I have a front engine, FWD car and a rear engine, RWD car. I laugh at the Clarkson comment all the time and think about it when I'm walking up to it.
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    Search for RWD Track/Weekend Car (70k Budget)

    Been poking around the Lotus forum. Quite a few VERY nice cars available there:
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    Search for RWD Track/Weekend Car (70k Budget)

    Ah, got it. If you're going the drive too/from route, definitely go with the Exige with a supercharger. You're "safer" with the roof on the top (although it can be removed if you really want to), plus it's better suited for the track. You can get some nicely prepped cars too. Look during the...
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    I finally did it - C2!

    I've been wanting to get back into a Porsche for a long time. I had a 2001 Boxster a while back and loved that car. Owned for only 3 years until our daughter came along and never had any issues with it. I started looking hard in March 2020 and ended up with my 2017 Porsche 911 C2 manual in...
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    Search for RWD Track/Weekend Car (70k Budget)

    I've been track driving for 11 years and have my SCCA and BMWCCA comp licenses for eight years. To go really fast costs lots of money and there will always be someone with more money and will go faster LOL! Most of the time, it's the driver mod that makes the biggest difference in lap times...
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    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    Knock, knock. Who's there? Yah. Yah who? I'm excited too!
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    2019 ZR-1 Corvette

    I agree with everything you said except "If one design is bad is the other?" The Corvette design is driven by performance. Whether they could make them look different or more cohesive, I don't know and I wouldn't think so. The Honda is designed for looks, not function, which make it overly...
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    2019 ZR-1 Corvette

    Any scoop that is on the car is functional. It has 12 radiators and the 755HP is a "worse case scenario" meaning when the engine is heat soaked, it'll make 755HP. In better conditions, it'll make upwards of 800+HP. The Civic Type R comparison is a bit absurd IMHO. GM learned their lesson with...
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    Honda Civic R

    I would be a bit embarrassed to get out of that thing at a client. The people who REALLY like this thing, won't be able to either afford it or be able to actually drive for that matter. Hideous! I'll take my GTI any day of the week.
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    What is your occupation?

    A friend of mine is an actuary and my nephew is at Pitt studying to be an actuary. :D
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    '15 Cayman S or '18 RS3

    Cayman S all day long. Because NA flat-6 and manual transmission and a very pure driving experience. Yes, the Audi inline-5 sounds great, but the aural ecstasy that comes from the P-car six is so sweet! Another choice would be a 997.1 Turbo as someone else pointed out above. Epic car for...
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Just waiting for summer!
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Price delta between a TT vs. solid RG is about 100%. I'm in pretty good with my AD. I've purchased four Rolex's from him along with quite a bit of jewelry for the wife and family, so I can basically get anything I want any time. They don't put the BLNR or Daytona's in the case. If someone...
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    Are you looking at a new Daytona with the Cerachrom bezel or an older one with the polished bezel like I have? The Batman and Pepsi have more presence on your wrist than the Daytona since the watch "looks" bigger with the colored bezel. I will tell you this, the Batman is SO versatile. Wear...
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    NICE! Is this your first? I wore a Sub for 10 years and then sold it for a small profit to get my first black face Daytona. Now I have the black face Daytona, a white face Daytona, a 16710 Pepsi GMT II and a GMT II BLNR (Batman). My fun watch is a Bell & Ross BR01-92 PVD.
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    which watch do you wear?

    It's a watch thing, you wouldn't understand :D
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    2017 Fusion Sport V6TT AWD

    Ugh! 4,000lbs estimated weight is not appealing to me at all. My wife's BMW X3 weighs about 100lbs more than that.
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    Small SUV Recommendation

    You could get an X1 for less than $400/month for something different. Not sure if that's large enough for you. A buddy of mine has one and loves it, neighbor too. For a little more, you could get an X3. Wife has had one for five years now. Never an issue at all. Built in SC and took 18 days...
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    Supercharged BRZ + corolla or M235i?

    Before I answer: What is your idea of "fun" on the weekend? Are you going to a track and doing autocross or performance driving events? Or are you just going for a nice drive or car show? Based on the answer, I'll have some input for sure.