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    Eurocars build thread

    Sounds like it's time for a dyno tune! Awesome stuff though, glad to hear you driving it
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    Eurocars build thread

    Nice man! Love all these little details like that.
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    Eurocars build thread

    Nice! Where's the catch can going?
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    Eurocars build thread

    That's a heck of a lot better than the old one, nice!
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    Eurocars build thread

    Turbo sure seems to fit well now. That'd be great if it's just that seal and not the girdle so you can keep it.
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    Eurocars build thread

    LMAO I knew it wouldn't take long before you ripped it apart again
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    Eurocars build thread

    It's such a cleaner look without it
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    FS: 2008 MKV R32 CW

    For sale or trade: 2008 VW R32 $13k OBO (any questions please feel free to ask, but please read full ad first!) (For trade I'm interested in RWD only!) Well the time has come, my R32 is going up for sale. If you know anyone interested please share. I absolutely love this car, but it's time for...
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    3805 Who owned it? Any info?

    Just picked up # 3805, wondering if the prior owner is in here at all. Just wanted to see if you had any info on it, since it was previously modded and there are a few things I'm trying to figure out. Appreciate any info if you're out there.
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    The Driver Motorsport Review that never happen

    First let me say I’m not the type to bash anyone online and this is not going to be a bash session. I have some good and some bad to say. I just want to put this out there so that others don’t experience the same thing I did because no one warned them. This saga started with a friend of mine...
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    FS: MK6 RCD-510

    For Sale RCD-510, part number 1K0035180AC, $275 shipped obo, need it gone so hit me up!
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    WTB: MKV GTI Front passenger lower control arm

    Like the title says, looking for a mkv gti passenger side front lower control arm. Lmk what you got posted by Tapatalk
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    WTB FSI Stock Intake at Waterfest!

    I'm in town today for Waterfest and am wtb a stock FSI intake. Shoot me a text and let me know if you'll be around and what you got. Three one four - nine five six - 5819.
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    Just one

    Cleaned my engine bay yesterday, figured I'd whore it out lol
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    BSH on vacation or just busy?

    Anyone know if BSH is maybe on vacation or anything? Sent a couple of emails, left a voice mail, and still got no response. Just curious if maybe the company is at some sort of event or something.
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    Anyone have or know anywhere that I can buy the brackets for BSH's 27mm RSB? One of mine broke. :frown:
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    Just one

    Uno Added a second one for the heck of it lol
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    Makes me love Ksport even more

    So I've had my ksport v3 coilovers on for probably 45-50 thousand miles. The previous owner probably had about 10K on them too (plus they were in an accident with the original owner, ran over a railroad tie in the road doing 50 or 60mph NO BUENO). So anyway, I ended up blowing out one of my...
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    Weird Rev Hang issue

    Weird WOT issue Ok I'm APR stage II, full 3" Turbo back exhaust, neuspeed intake, forge cc, blah blah blah. Those are the essentials. Ever since I got flashed for stage II from stage I I've had this weird issue, and of course its intermittent. When I push the clutch in the revs hang and then...