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    Gti fsi motor 10.3:1?really? 17,xxxmiles car is starting to stutter @ idle.Is the cam follower already bad? How much are people getting on a trade in on fully loaded gti with dsg?
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    07 gti vs 05 gto

    My first 1/4mile pass in my gti I went up againts a yellow 05 pontiac gto.The gto had a SLP intake manifold,cai,,long tube headers and full exhuast and a lowering kit.My 07 gti(dsg) has a lowering kit,and a custom homemade CAI(i have the air filter behind the fog light).I had a peak boost of...
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    New pics of my gti!

    [/IMG] Megan racing 3inch drop springs springs,plastidipped front and rear logo,and side markers.
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    I did it!

    I put a Boost controller on my mkv gti.Im running 18psi peak 16psi hold.It runs great and i am going to get it dynoed today. No CEL.
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    purple civic vs rabbit 2.5 vs gti

    So i am on the hwy and i see a golf so i speed up a bit more and its a 2.5 rabbit and we are next to each other and i hear a loud noise and a purple civic with a shitty body kit in primer(body kit is blowing in the wind and i think i seen duct tape) comes up next to me and revs up so it's a...
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    V8 gti.has anybody done this?

    I have a few built sbc motors sitting around and one of those 500hp bad boys would look sweet in a gti. It would make a sweet drag car!
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    Has anybody ever done this??

    I havent found any one who has done a manual boost controller on a mkv gti.I have read not to do it but never any proof why.If you get a ecu tune all it does is increase boost and tells the computer to add more fuel.The computer by its self can do that to a point. The answer im going to get is...
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    Need help:boost guage wiring!

    I see that every body wires thier boost guage up to the head light switch but the boost guage i have wont let me do that.I have those"add-a fuse" and wanted to know what fuse in the dash only comes on when the car is started?would it be safe to use the fuse that is for the fuel pump? I have a...
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    boost guage readings?

    I hooked up my boost guage yesturday and it did have a leak and it held @ 9psi so i found the leak and fixed it and it peaks @ 12 and holds till red-line.most turbo cars boost falls as the revs go up but it dosent. On the no-buzz t-fitting the nipple supposed to go down right? When I bought...
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    "jet" stage one ecu.does anybody have this?

    I have always had jet chips and ecu on my ohter cars and seen on jets site they have a stage one for a 2006-2007 gti. Does anybody have this? You take off your ecu mail it and they send it back out the same day.Cost$224.oo,thats not bad.My stage 2 chip for my ls1 cost$300.oo and worked awsome.
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    United grey mkv with 18' huffs painted black?

    I do not like the chrome or shiny things so i painted my vw logo's front and back black but left the gti letters stock cause it stands out then. Next i want to paint my 18' huffs black.has anybody done this and how does it look on a united grey gti? Thanks,
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    My "pcv fix"

    I have seen a bunch of ways to fix the pcv including a catch can and spending over $200.oo.Cap off the intake side on the intake manifold and on the pcv side on the valve cover just route the tubes down to the ground behind the driver head light through the big hole. No more nasty oil/water...
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    dog vs gti?

    On my way to work sunday a lady is walking her brown lab on the oppsite side of the hwy and the dog gets off and runs across 3 lanes of traffic doin 60mph stops dead in my lane.I had mabey 20ft to stop.Good thing gti's have decent breaks cuase I got the car to stop about half and inch away from...
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    stage one apr tune questions!

    I have been saving up and I have $600.00 to spend on my 07 gti.I plan on going to Reid Van luxury import specialist to get the apr stage 1 93 octane tune. I have a new pcv system and a stock Dv.Will the stock pcv hold up to the higher boost and will the stock DV hold up?The only modd I have is...
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    Megan Racing drop springs to low!

    I got the lowering springs on and they should of dropped the car 1.5 front 1.7rear but they are closer to 2.5 front 3.0 rear.the rear is fine the wheels have one finger gap but the front the wheel is up in the wheel well and when the wheels are turned they rub on the fender.It handles awsome on...
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    07 gti lowering spring install tips anyone?

    I have had megan racing(2inch) lowering springs for weeks and is about to install them on my 07 gti.I broke my hand so I cant do it.My brother who is a GM tech is going to put them on for me this week.He wanted to know of any helpful install hints/tips? Bump stops-do you guys cut them or remove...
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    Megan racing springs on 4door gti?

    So I have these megan racing 1.75 drop springs for my 4door gti.On the box it says its for a gti with dsg and engine code bpy so it matches my car but when I went to its says they only work with the 2 door model. I thought the 2 and 4 door models were the same just one has 2...
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    pcv problem need help!

    My pcv fails and the dealer puts a new one on every mounth or two now and I am really sick of it! My car dosent like to start,shakes,shutters,idles good but runs bad becuase pcv leaks and dosent hold much boost. I removed the tube from the pcv and put a cap on the intake manifold and put a...