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  1. clutch fool

    Orignal Owner

    Hello MKV fans. Its been a long time. I bought my '07 GTI new back in September 2006 when I was 26 years old. 15 years later I still love her like the day I drove off the lot. Shes still looking sexy black magic on 18 inch bbs alloys with modest drop on coils. Revo stage 2 still running...
  2. clutch fool

    WTB: Votex front lip

    Looking for just front OEM votex lip.
  3. clutch fool

    WTB: OEM Votex Front Lip Only. BMP preferred

    In NYC area but will pay for shipping.
  4. clutch fool

    Wife needs a new car...

    We are thinking about a 2012 GLI, Tiguan or T5. Right now she has a Jetta and its time for something else. The GLI is nicely priced and good on gas. After looking at the Tiguan I come to like it myself, its a lot nicer than I thought. The T5 is a great car too but expensive if you want...
  5. clutch fool

    German Auto Shop in Westchester?

    Looking for a decent shop in the White Plains area. Also trackless car washes for low cars? Thanks
  6. clutch fool

    WTB: Eurojet PCV Fix

    WTB: Eurojet PCV Fix. New or used. :thumbsup:
  7. clutch fool

    WTB: Nuespeed sport springs CNJ

    Looking for some decent 1 inch drop springs. Will buy or trade like new stock ones plus cash. Thanks.
  8. clutch fool

    Should I trade the GTI...

    I have had my GTI for 5 years now and really got the itch for something different however money is tight for me right now. KBB says my car is worth $16500 in good condition (which is prolly a bit high). Theres a 1999 convertible E36 M3 with only 38000 miles on it for sale not too far from me...
  9. clutch fool

    Who has a CDL license?

    Whats up guys? I have my liberal arts associates degree so thats not doing me any good really. Lately I been thinking of making a career change and looking in to getting my CDL license. Was just wondering how long the process is from starting school to landing a decent job. Is it hard to get...
  10. clutch fool

    FS: MKV GTI Stick Shift and Boot. Great condition!

    Edit: SOLD. Excellent condition, like new.
  11. clutch fool

    Stock GTI MKV Stick Shift and Boot.

    $60 Shipped to lower 48. Excellent condition, like new.
  12. clutch fool

    RED 10/15

    Usually dont get excited over movies coming out but this looks like a good flick. Nice to see Bruce Willis in a action movie again. Anyone else planning on seeing it? e_ZjBJv-rA0&feature=pyv&ad=5043181196&kw=red%20trailer
  13. clutch fool

    Too good to be true?

    I got a letter/check in the mail today from a Canadian company asking me to be a "Mystery Shopper" at Wal*Mart and Sears. The check is for $4,950.00 and has a break down of funds. It says $700 of it is for two hours of my pay, $3,900 for a collection agency to hold, $200 for money gram and...
  14. clutch fool

    **Droid X**

    Just put my deposit down at BestBuy today, cant wait for this thing. This will be my first Droid phone. Who else is looking forward to upgrading their phone to an X July 15th? gOnC5chCag0
  15. clutch fool

    32G iPod Touch

    SOLD Excellent like new condition 32 Gig iPod touch. Includes everything that comes with it. i guarantee everything is in top condition, works properly and has never had any problems what so ever. screen is in perfect condition.
  16. clutch fool

    Official BB Storm 1 thread.

    Ok guys we all know the new iPhone is out and Droids are all over the place but what about us Storm people? Well now we have our own dedicated thread for owners/fans of this piece of technology. Feel free to chat about anything Storm related. Remember this is for the first Storm so lets try to...
  17. clutch fool

    No beeps.

    For some reason my horns not working anymore. I changed the fuse and still nothing. It was just working the other day. Now when I push the horn in I hear just a slight click in the steering wheel. Any ideas what could be wrong?
  18. clutch fool

    My family thinks Im crazy....

    because i want to sell the GTI and buy a sailboat to live on. i could get a decent 30ft and live on it for about 7-8 months out of the year up here in jersey for about $3,000 instead of $1,000 per month for rent to be stuck in a shitty apartment. it will be small but ill be able to save a lot...
  19. clutch fool

    Auto Insurance; who's the cheapest?

    I been with Geico for prolly 12, 13 years now. In the last five years no moving violations or claims. Geico just raised my total $50 basically because they are ghey. I have a 97 Dakota and the 07 GTI. Currently I pay $2880 a year with Geico. But Cure quoted me $2260 a year. What is the...
  20. clutch fool

    Holly Macro!

    Kinda learning by trial and error otherwise I'm sure many of these photos could have looked much better. Feel free to post up some of your own Macro shots.