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  1. jay745

    Garage Decor

    Let's see your garage decor. After buying a house last year and been busy with a million projects I'm finally getting around to putting some effort into the garage. I built a bench and have some decorations but it's still pretty bare. I need a shed to get some of this crap like the lawnmower out...
  2. jay745

    Should politics threads be allowed

    Alright after highly controversial threads have been allowed for some time, it does seem to be getting a bit heated. 40% of you seem to want it all gone and returned to a car forum with off topic lounge for shenanigans, 40% want to only discuss politics in degrading ways, other 20% are somewhere...
  3. jay745

    Evo 11 coming?

  4. jay745

    Evo 11 Coming?

    Thoughts? I kind of like it.
  5. jay745

    Jay's New (to me) Daily - 2008 Wolfsburg Jetta 2.0T(FSI)

    Well, This will be my third thread on the forums. Although this isn't a golf, it shares a lot of the same components being a 2.0t with a FSI. I've spent a lot of time on these forums with my other cars so I'm just going to put the thread here. My rabbit is gone, to replace it I picked up this...
  6. jay745

    WTB: 3mm Wheel Spacers

    Looking for a pair(2) of 3mm spacers shipped to chicago. Let me know if you have some you'd like to sell. Thanks.
  7. jay745

    Looking for adjustable rear toe arms

    I know it's a long shot but checking to see if anyone has adjustable toe arms for sale. Prefer not used very much. Spulen or ecs.. I can't seem to find anyone that has them in stock and I'm in a rush. Anyone have these laying around maybe got for a gift and not going to use them?
  8. jay745

    FS: Brand New Powerflex Black Toe Arm Bushings Inner And Outer

    Never used, inner and outer bushings sets. They retail for $64 for each set. I'm selling them both as a pair for $80 shipped in the US. Here's the link to both bushing sets. These are the black track density bushings...
  9. jay745

    What Are You Listening To?

    Prob not everyones cup of tea, listening to Vaetxh right now. What is everyone else listening to? ILvmzNUUpJw
  10. jay745

    FS: Vagcom - Micro Can

    SOLD Like new micro can for sale. Asking $210 shipped obo
  11. jay745

    FS: Stoptech ST40 Big Brake Kit 328mm Two Piece Rotors

    Hi All, I'm selling a stoptech ST40 BBK. The dust boots are torn and need to be replaced, you can source new dust boots for ~$10 each and the price reflects that. They are easy to replace yourself and only takes a few minutes. Included: (2) two piece ST40 328mm Slotted Rotors (2) Stainless...
  12. jay745

    Cheaper Than Dealer DSG Service/40-80K Service - North Side of Chicago

    Hey all, Dealerships charge a lot for maintenance and on these cars it gets pretty expensive. I've been doing services for folks around Chicago for a few years much cheaper than dealerships and never did any advertising, just word of mouth. If anyone needs any maintenance or mods installed on...
  13. jay745

    WTB Euro Switch

    Looking for a Euro Switch. Prefer OEM.
  14. jay745

    WTB HPA Puck 75a or 80a

    Title says it, let me know what you have. Thanks
  15. jay745

    Jay's Mk5 Rabbit Beater/Daily - That I Said I Wasn't Going To Mod. Yeah Right.

    So I have a mk6 GTI project car that is basically getting retired from daily use and primarily used for a track/weekend warrior car. I picked up a mk5 manual rabbit with 100k miles to drive around as a daily. It's pretty base but I've already done some things to it and planning on some more. A...
  16. jay745

    Discount Tire gives $1 million to campaign against marijuana legalization

    Surprised nobody has posted this yet. Will this change how you shop? posting in off topic for a reason.
  17. jay745

    Vag Com - Chicago

    Not sure there is much interest on mk5's... I've been coding mostly mk6 cars for a few years now around Chicago. Recently bought a mk5 rabbit so I created an account here. Figured I'd let anyone know that I have vag com and am located in Chicago near Ohare. I also work near woodfield and can...
  18. jay745

    2015 New Years Resolutions

    Surprised there wasn't a thread already. Do you guys do the whole new years resolution thing? I normally don't but interested to see what some of yours are. Go.
  19. jay745

    OFFICIAL OT #24: Where have all the Jawns gone?

    op is a noob
  20. jay745

    Dumb Arguments With Spouse/Significant Other

    What's the dumbest shit you and your significant other argue about? go.