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  1. merkeyterkey

    Net Neutrality

    It's too little too late, no one is going to change the FCC's view but everyone should contact their local Representative to let them know they stand with Net Neutrality none the less. There is literally zero benefit for the end user (internet users) to end net...
  2. merkeyterkey

    WTB: OEM Tow Hook

    Looking for an OEM tow hook for the winter, someones got to have a spare one...
  3. merkeyterkey

    FS: Thule AeroBlades

    For sale: 1 set of 47" Thule AeroBlades (Thule ARB47) $150 shipped BLADES ONLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE FEET You'll also need: Thule Rapid Traverse Feet - 480R Thule clamp Kit 1323
  4. merkeyterkey

    FS: OEM Suspension, Grille, Center Caps, Hatch Tray, + More

    MOVING SALE All prices are OBO & don't include shipping. I'd like to keep the big things (hatch tray, suspension, & grille) local but if you're willing to pay shipping, it can be arranged. Located in the Chicago area OEM 2006 GTI struts & springs - great shape ~30k miles - $20 OEM grille...
  5. merkeyterkey

    FS: New OEM BPY/FSI Injector & Injector Seal Kit

    For Sale, brand new $100 shipped 1 - Injector - Part number: 06F906036A 1 - Injector Seal Kit - Part number: 06D99890
  6. merkeyterkey

    FS: Boost Gauge & Tap

    ***SOLD*** Hey gents' I'm looking to get $175 shipped for a boost gauge set up, complete with: AWE Electrical Boost Gage Eurojet Vent Pod APR Boost Tap & PCV Block off Misc vacuum fittings & anti buzz filters The gauge sweeps @ start up and matches the OEM lighting. I apologize for the...
  7. merkeyterkey

    WTB Side Mirror Glass

    Im looking for a set of the blind spot mirror glass for both the passenger & drivers side, preferably the blue tinted ones. I know its a long shot, but I figured I should try...
  8. merkeyterkey

    FS: H&R Sport Springs

    I've got a set of H&R Sport springs I'm looking to get rid of. They came off an '08 4 door GTI and have roughly 5000 miles on them. They will roughly give you a 1.5" drop Looking to get $100 shipped
  9. merkeyterkey

    FS: Monster Mats $35

    I've got a set of monster mats with the oval clips, $35 shipped
  10. merkeyterkey

    This showed up for my Birthday...

    1972 Mercedes 280 SE. 4.5 V8 with 110k on the clock. It runs alright but feels like it needs a tuneup. I can't wait to really dig into it...
  11. merkeyterkey

    11-12 NHL Playoff thread

    Well it started yesterday, any predictions? Im just glad we (Chicago) have Toews back. Also, anyone see this last night?
  12. merkeyterkey

    MFD2 with iPod

    I tried one of Dice's iPod kits a year or two back and it was incompatiable with MKVs sat-nav radio (RNS-MFD2). I asked them if they'll ever have one that'll work with with the MFD2 and they said they were working on it. Well fast forward to last week, I emailed them and they said they have one...
  13. merkeyterkey

    No heater ZOMG

    It snowed here on Friday and my car was outside all day. The next morning I went to warm up my car (all the snow had melted off) and I notice my heater isnt blowing any air, at any speed. My blower motor has made noises in the past so I immedatly think that the motor is on the fritz. I...
  14. merkeyterkey

    Too much oil...

    This morning after getting to work I noticed Its been 2500 miles since my last oil change so I checked my oil level, like I do. I noticed it was above the "max", like wayy above... My heart skipped a few beats and I went & checked my sales receipt. The dealership charged me for 6 quarts of oil...
  15. merkeyterkey

    Vin lookup

    Any one around here have the ability to run a VIN for a history? Ill make it worth your while (in bed of course....) :thumbsup:
  16. merkeyterkey

    LED tails condensation

    Has anyone had condensation in their OEM LED tail lights? I get it on the innner tails pretty often, but every now and then Ill notice it on the outer tails, which scares me a bit. Any fixes? I cant really tell where the moisture could be getting in at....
  17. merkeyterkey

    Euro switch & rear fog

    I found the answer for this for a MK4 but nothing for a MKV. You know when you put your fogs on & your headlight switch lights up green to tell you your fogs are on? Has anyone figured out how to get the "warning" light to come on for when you have the rear fog on? I wonder if a certain euro...
  18. merkeyterkey

    Mk4 Jetta VIN

    Can someone around here run this vin for me please? 3VWRB69M82M090246 :thumbsup:
  19. merkeyterkey

    Why I can't take womans sports seriously...

    h3s19jjEeHE Slow day at work = lame new threads.
  20. merkeyterkey

    Radio Code

    Do any of you slackers work at a dealership or have a way to look up my radio code? I unplugged my battery for a few hours and when I plugged it back in, my radio asked for the security code. There isnt one in the manual and Ive looked every where else. Ive guessed a few times and tried numbers...