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    Happy Birthday to Moderator Jay745!

    Happy Birthday dude
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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Welcome. This is now the replacement thread for Random Stupid questions thread (as to not over shadow legitimate car questions) . Your 1 stop shop for random conversation, gifs, memes and more... ...Have fun, play nice and enjoy Whats for lunch?!
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    Word Association Game 7.3

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    GOLFMK6 Official Bored At Work Drawings

    Apparantely this forum has led to members posting pictures of their own keys/wallets and phones. Felt this was necessary. Knowing this forum there is probably a thread on this somewhere from the past. And go.
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    Chicago Healthy Lifestyle Talk

    The thread encouraging healthy eating and exercising. Packed my lunch today...cutting down on portions and calories starts today. *Half a corn cob *Small portion of garlic pasta *One panko chicken breast *Healthy choice soup if i need a snack later. Will be cleaning car inside out for cardio...
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    Dealerships take forever to email you back

    What gives? In an age of quick internet access..this is ridiculous. Looking for pricing and availability on some stock parts...been awhile now.
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    Tesla to release $35k car in 2017, "Tesla Model III"

    Tesla trying to compete with new electric BMW 3 Series rival..launching 35k in 3 years...more information at the link below. "Late Tuesday night, Tesla Motors TSLA +0.3% confirmed that a...
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    Whatcha Having for lunch today? (with pics)

    Whatcha having for lunch today? (pics if possible) Jimmy Johns #14 here... (Meh, Shouldve went to jersey mikes)
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    Mazda Recalling Mazda 6 Due To Spiders. Mazda is recalling 42,000 Mazda6 cars in the U.S. because spiders can weave a web in a vent hose and cause the fuel tank to crack. The recall involves cars from the 2010 through 2012 model years equipped with...
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    Lamborghini Aventador Crash London Streets Video

    $400,000 car ouch. Video posted 2 days ago. Whos at fault? Hard to tell if Lambo was going too fast but car definitely pulled out infront of them. kfS8iz2NaLE
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    WRX finds APR Audi RS7 on the street *VIDEO*

    This video made my morning, enjoy. (Btw, this car makes apx 674hp,700tq on 93) HLlJsDqA9eU
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    Nissan recalls 1 Million vehicles for faulty airbags

    DETROIT (AP) - Nissan is recalling just over 1 million cars, SUVs and vans because the front passenger air bags may not inflate in a crash. It's the company's second recall to fix the same problem. The recall affects the Altima midsize car, Leaf electric car, Pathfinder SUV and Sentra compact...
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    Reaching out to Chicago/Illinois owners to join Chicagoland Thread.

    Noticed a lot of Illinois owners that are new or have not discovered the Chicagoland thread, just trying to expand our meets and local community. Please join the below existing Chicagoland thread, thanks guys. Find out about local...
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    Dissapointing 1980's Perfomance Cars. "Lipstick on a pig"

    Interesting, article here or scroll down: BMW 850i Still, 15 years later, the BMW E31 looks as fresh and frightening as it did the day it rolled off the assembly line. The big, brutish hardtop is...
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    Whats your favorite coffee?

    Whats your favorite coffee brand/shop and how do you take it? Dunkin regular roast made at home, alittle sugar and some hazelnut creamer. In the summer same blend but iced coffee only. Occasionally with almond milk to be alittle more healthy. Dislike Starbucks, prefer caribou coffee instead...
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    GM adds 842,000 vehicles to ignition switch recall DETROIT (AP) - General Motors on Tuesday doubled to 1.6 million the number of small cars it is recalling to fix faulty ignition switches linked to multiple fatal crashes. Just two weeks ago, GM...
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    5 door mini cooper coming to USA

    "With the possible exception of the Countryman, MINI has stumbled and fallen in the sales charts. Some say that it's because they've lost their way and are making oversized cars, but does anybody really want a 3.5-meter car in this day and age, and can BMW make money with that? Probably not...
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    Ford releases factory tune w/ warranty for Focus ST

    Damn. Just released. This really changes things. Look at these gains. $1,500. Intake, tuner, catback, plugs + 3 year/36k factory covered under warranty by ford. Huge torque gains, good horsepower numbers..dumps off low in rpm range though. Thoughts? Fits 2013-2014 Focus ST with 2.0L EcoBoost®...
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    What're you gonna do with your tax refund?

    What're you gonna do with your tax refund? If any...