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  1. kev24k

    Need new tires

    The last 6 months for me have been incredibly busy and I haven't rotated my tires. Result = front close to bald and rear has plenty of tread left. I was thinking of just getting 2 new tires upfront, but I cant find a place selling hankook ventus rs2 225/40-zr18. Tirerack has rs2 235/40ZR18 on...
  2. kev24k

    service question

    Mods in sig. I've been changing my oil and other general maintenance every 5k either myself or have a local shop do it. Had dsg fluid change at 23k. I'm getting close to 40k and want to take the car to the dealership for a full service etc. How should I go about this considering the mods I have...
  3. kev24k

    DSG Fluid Change

    If you are having kind of rough downshifts and the dsg feels a little hesitant I really suggest changing your DSG fluid. I just did it at 28k miles and even though vw recommends you do it every 40k do it early for sure. It really changed the behavior of my car. So....go out and change it! And vw...
  4. kev24k

    k04 vs ford GT in one sentence

    I didn't get raped as hard as I thought I would.
  5. kev24k


    My car is making a weird noise, and its starting to worry me. It only happens when I first start it up and touch the gas. If I tap the gas a little more than normal the sound becomes really pronounced. It kind of sounds like the front tires chirping combined with a creaking sound. Once the car...
  6. kev24k

    Some Codes - take a peek

    00-Steering Angle Sensor -- Status: OK 0000 01-Engine -- Status: Malfunction 0010 08-Auto HVAC -- Status: Sporadic communication error 1000 19-CAN Gateway -- Status: Malfunction 0010 000051 - Turbocharger Bypass Valve Control Circuit: Malfunction / Open Circuit P0033 - 004 - No...
  7. kev24k


    My fiancee has a 2007 altima and hates it. I was thinking as a wedding present to get her a black tiguan with navi, panoramic sunroof, tow package, and black cloth interior. I would want her to have 4motion too but thats reallllly hard to find and not necessary. We have test driven the car and...
  8. kev24k

    Finally...I have proof,2933,468868,00.html I've been saying this for YEARS to friends and they never believed me (females). They would just say guys this and guys that. Not enough, never good enough, guys should do this, guys should think that, how come he doesn't this and that etc etc...
  9. kev24k

    me vs retards in boxster s

    This past weekend I left my fiances house and for people living in Miami I have to drive in front of Sunset Place. Its an idiot magnet on weekends. I get onto US1 heading south and up comes a boxster s with the top down and 2 guys in it blasting Jay Z - Hard Knock Life. Yeah.....anyways we...
  10. kev24k

    me vs G35

    I'm selling my car and getting the worlds greatest combination of luxury/performance ever; the G35. Going from 40-180 the G35 edged me out by 1/2 a length. Lemme tell you :bow: Nissan can sure build a badass car.
  11. kev24k

    me vs stang

    Brand new but v6. Guy had HIDs and came up on me fast and pulled next to me at a red light. He kept looking over at me hard. I thought he was gonna go for it at green, but the area has speed traps + waste of time for me. To my surprise he doesn't go for it. He stays next to me while going 30 and...
  12. kev24k

    Funny Tag I Saw

    Prolly a repost, but w/e.
  13. kev24k


    I either have terrible luck, or everyone around me is retarded. Maybe God wants me blind. I dnno which, but it seems every night at least 1 person ends up behind me with their high beams on. This happened the other night as usual when I was sick and in a bad mood. Then I remembered the 300+hp I...
  14. kev24k

    2 gtis with a bunch of cops

    On my way back down from Orlando today I saw 2 gits taped up with a bunch of other cars. Looks like they were pulled over by like 8 cops. I saw people with cameras and someone with a tripod so I know there are pics lol. Anyone know what happened/whos cars they are?
  15. kev24k

    APR k04 Dyno

    311whp@6150rpm SAE corrected. In Miami and it was 85 outside. This is with evoms and bsh dv relocate. The car runs amazing. If anyone is thinking about getting any k04 kit for their car, do it. You won't regret it at all.
  16. kev24k

    NewSouth Triple Gauge Review

    Worst addition to my car. I have it setup as boost, egt, and oil pressure. Its just dumb. I thought I would like it and I did for about 2 minutes. Here are my issues with this... 1. Makes the inside of the car look worse. I just don't like the finish, and it feels way out of place, because it...
  17. kev24k

    me vs 135i

    2 lane on ramp. I was late to pick up the fiancee for a meeting with a florist and passed the 135i pretty quick. I guess he saw this as me wanting to race. So I notice him catch up. Right as we merge going 70 he guns it and I do the same. We are even for about 2 seconds and then I start gaining...
  18. kev24k

    me vs 350z

    He was manual and I don't know what mods, but exhaust for sure. from 50 to 110. At first I didn't think he was trying, but after we went a second time with the same result I realized I was just blowing him away.
  19. kev24k

    My APR s3 conversion + IC + RSC Review

    I'm writing this from the perspective of someone who may track one day if I'm able to find the time, but mostly got this setup to make my daily driving 1000x more fun. I hate driving slow cars. Its annoying. I want to get the whole APR IC thing not being up front so it won't work as well ideas...
  20. kev24k

    My Koni FSD + Eibach Pro Kit Review

    I had them in the box sitting in my garage for about a month before finally having them installed. I was pretty scared the money wouldn't be worth it. After all you can spend a few hundred more and get a great set of coils. But I knew I wouldn't use coils for what they are, and decided to go...