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  1. DrFunkalupicus

    CoD Vanguard

    Anyone pick this one up?
  2. DrFunkalupicus

    RC Car and racing

    Anyone else here like to mess with hobby grade RC cars? I used to be in to them about a a decade ago. I snagged up a kit over the weekend so I can start racing again (Team Associated SC6.2 team kit)...pretty excited for it.
  3. DrFunkalupicus

    Skyward Sword Remaster

    Anyone else picking this up? I am a huge fan of Zelda and I am looking forward to playing through this game again without swinging my arm around like I’m crazy. I loved the transition to open world with Breath of the Wild, but I am still a huge fan of the classic Zelda formula.
  4. DrFunkalupicus

    Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Hope it’s a great one!