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  1. -Dutch-

    Flat Rate Secret Santa 2019

    Last year was a lot of fun and I'd like to see if we can get some good participation again. Link to 2017. Link to 2018. The rules are simple: 1. PM me your home address by midnight, December 13th. Your forum name will be the contact on the shipping address. If you PM me your real name I will...
  2. -Dutch-

    Road Trip... Again!

    We're off for another one tomorrow. Two weeks on the road down and back on the east coast. We'll be starting with a visit to a buddy of mine in PA I met on and have known for quite a few years, and finally got to meet on the tail end of last year's trip. From there we are hoping to...
  3. -Dutch-

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    Car related or not. Like... Ever. You dumbass.
  4. -Dutch-

    How Do You Eat Corn On The Cobb

    Poll says it all.
  5. -Dutch-

    A3 Forum Recommendations

    My brother is picking up a 2015 A3 2.0 on Monday and is looking for forum recommendations. I looked for a bit but didn't find much dedicated to the model. Anyone know of a forum with good info for the car?
  6. -Dutch-

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    I just watched Alita: Battle Angel and loved it. I had watched Netflix's Love, Death & Robots when it came out and was floored by the Sonnie's Edge episode. Alita had a very similar animation feel to me which I love. I watched the whole series and watched it again the next day with MrsDutch, and...
  7. -Dutch-

    Help me solve a problem I don't know exists

    So, one of my younger brothers gave me a great Christmas present that I haven't decided how to make use of. He recently graduated from machining school and works in a shop. His gift was the offer to make any part within his capabilities. So: - Aluminum preferred. - 3 Axis. - Could do a brushed...
  8. -Dutch-

    Crisis Mode

    This evening I explained to MrsDutch the various, and numerous benefits of several car modifications that are currently pending for my vehicle. Rear Sway Bar: Minimal cost, great improvement on the way it handles. Not only a benefit in the track, but it should enhance her comfort while I attack...
  9. -Dutch-

    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    Why did the blind guy fall into the well? He didn't see that well.
  10. -Dutch-

    I like cheese

    That is all.
  11. -Dutch-

    Going on a trip

    Work is taking me to Philly for a few day this week and I'm taking the car. Anything I should check out while I'm there?
  12. -Dutch-

    Speed with Guy Martin - Pikes Peak in HD

    I ran across this and while this isn't a bike forum, nor is it a new video, I love motorcycles and found it fascinating. It's a long watch but very interesting. Also, Guy Martin is a madman. 8KcsV6Gzir0
  13. -Dutch-

    I just found out my license plate is banned in DC

    Is yours?
  14. -Dutch-

    Auto Injuries

    I'm feeling inspired. What sort of injuries have you suffered while working on vehicles? Pictures are a plus. Thread may not be suitable for dainty folks. Beyond the inevitable nicks and cuts, my best was while working in a garage but not while actively working on a car. It was about 15 years...
  15. -Dutch-

    I think I broke my finger

    A couple of solid objects at work met with my finger in the middle today. Pretty sure something went crunch. Funnily enough, pipes froze yesterday and we didn't have running water today so I wasn't able to wash my hands for a while, thought the discoloration was just dirt until I got home. Hurt...
  16. -Dutch-

    What are you drinking?

    For those who imbibe, what's in your glass? Mrs Dutch bought me a bottle of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof for Christmas, definitely a special occasion bourbon. I'm looking forward to having some on Monday. In the meantime, Woodford Reserve is a delightful classic that won't break the bank, and I'm...
  17. -Dutch-

    Just started watching Baby Driver

    And I'd love to know what he's doing with all seasons on his car.
  18. -Dutch-

    We lost power at the warehouse tonight

    Staying busy while we wait for a bit to see if it comes back.
  19. -Dutch-

    Climb Dance

    I just ran across this and had to share. Perilous Pike's Peak performance prior to proper paving. NSFW, excessive driving porn. TKgeCQGu_ug
  20. -Dutch-

    League of Legends

    I've heard of this game for years and finally tried it out yesterday. It's fun and doesn't take hours to get something out of it like some games. Anyone on here playing it?