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  1. cruizin01

    Forge BPY Catch Can

  2. cruizin01

    FS: 18x8 & 18x9.5 Black Enkei Kojin

    No Trades Wheels have less than 1k miles on them. Obviously a typical buyer would not mount them in a reverse stagger position so I dont have a typical stretch and slam picture to show you but anyway. 2- 18x8 et 45 5x112 2- 18x9.5 et 35 5x112 One 8" wheel has a small paint chip on the spoke...
  3. cruizin01

    Massive Performance Partout. Turbo kit, Susp, BBK, Exh, W/M, EBC

    Updated with some pictures Im gonna try to update this as often as possible. Not every part is off the car yet. The majority are or could be pulled easily. Ill try and update with pictures ASAP or as requested. Im listing the condition/mileage the best that I can remember. It make not be...
  4. cruizin01

    WTB: Stock crappy/oem fogs for CHEAP

    Need a stock pair of fog light assy's. Dont care whether they have bulbs or not. Pitted is fine. Just not a cracked lens. Less than $50/pair. Thanks PM me.
  5. cruizin01

    Help with long coding for convenience module in 07 Rabbit

    FIXED picked up a 07 rabbit over the weekend to daily. was doing a few vag com tricks for remote window features and somehow managed to mess up the coding. Somehow the hatch releases when I lock the car via remote. first time my dumbass didn't copy the coding before hand. I tried with my...
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    FS: B&G RS2 Coilovers $550

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    Reverse stagger wheel/tire setup for increase grip?

    Updates with pics on page 3 Sooo... Thinking outside the norm here. Hear me out. Im looking for extra traction on the street. My car makes just under 500whp and as you can imagine traction is hard to come by. Ive already integrated a boost by gear setup for 1st and 2nd gear. It helps but Im...
  8. cruizin01

    MOTUL 660 safe for everyday use?

    put some in the GTI few weeks ago before a track event. Long story short, didn't get any track time. Ive read a few things stating it shouldn't be kept in a street car. Supposed to be put in before a race and flushed afterwards. (doesn't say anything on the motul website though) Whats the...
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    FS: H2Sport Camber Plates V2

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    BT... horsepowers inside

    For you guys that dont follow the Official BT thread. Had a thread about 3 years ago with a full build but alot has happened since then. Ive since swapped some parts and added some more. Below are the results I got in contact with Arnold @ pag parts a couple months out of new york. He put...
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    WTB: Junk or Else 07-08 late model in-tank fuel pump 2.5 or FSI

    Looking for this style fuel pump. Pump can be bad or whatever. Im only concerned the basket not be cracked. Looking to spend $40 shipped or less