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    Passat monster mats.

    $50 plus shipping. Ask if you want pics.
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    first official build ever!!!!

    first off i should post a link my current other thread that gives a good amount of backstory. now! with all that said i will begin with posting pics and some titles and how to's on some of my work. bare with me and please contribute. id...
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    Vag com

    Does anyone have experience with the generic ebay vag com cables? Looking to get one. Used cables still run 100 or so. So 20 seems much better. I would still need to buy the program but id have to do that either way.
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    f/s Diverter Valve

    Bought a revision d diverter valve from ecs tuning. Come to find out i already had the revision d. So my used revision d DV is for sale. This is the piston type. Hard to fail with this thing. Ill let it go for $50 shipped
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    Sooo. Im in the market for a neuspeed p flo intake. Found one on ebay for 238 shipped from this guy called streetrays. Checked ecs and urotuning. Emailed both for a possible price match. Urotuning got back to me asking for the link. I searched streetrays on google and found them and the same...
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    Please help

    First off hi. Brand new to the site and excited to be here. So heres my issue. Got an apr stage 1 tune today. Already had an intake and bsh pcv revamp. Drove it for a while and now shot a turbo underboost code. Research shows it is probably the dv. But none has had this ussue right...