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    anyone running vogtland 95008?

    Seeing how i want a conservative drop and the eibach pro kits are out of stock everywere, i was wondering if anyone on here is running the vogtland 95008's (they are claimed to only drop 1.2 inches)? If you've got em, how do you like em? Also do any of you think they would wear the stock...
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    Anyone heard of this site before?

    So i was looking for information about Work wheels, and i came across this site, have anyone here gotten wheels from them before? It looks like they can order all sorts of works wheels for our cars. Also, im pretty sure this is where that rota mesh group buy was...
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    Good shop around rochester area?

    I go to RIT and im getting impatient about putting springs on my car, but its too cold out and i dont know anyone with a heated garage and tools. So i was wondering if any of you guys knew a good shop that wont rip me off for a spring install and allignment? I called CDI (in victor) and they...
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    To everyone who lives where there is snow and ice: Be careful

    ...about opening your doors! I'm at school now in Rochester NY and for the past few months there has consistantly been snow, ice, and generally cold weather. Sometimes when I have been getting into my car, I have noticed ice in the door jams mostly freezing over the hindges of the doors...
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    yay autotech...

    So i got my rear swaybar at waterfest, and i was happy with it. Last month (or so), i noticed one of the brakets were broken, now today as i walk up to my car i see a something hanging from underneath my car... the bar broke! The fracture is the same as the pictures from that A3 (in an old...
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    Messed up clutch slave cylinder?

    Hey guys my buddy (shainz on vortex) just lost his clutch at 19k miles, and it seems like other people are starting to have issues aswell ( If you think your experiancing any issues it would be great to get it all documented up here, so that way...
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    please help (possible wheel bearing issue)!

    I tried searching, but i couldnt find anything really helpful. Lately i've been hearing this sorta 'rolling' noise, and it seems like its coming from the one of the rear wheels (or that general area). I used to think it was just annoying, but tonight i heard a very loud bang, and that doesnt...
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    Noisy Heater

    Lately when i've been in my car, I can really hear the heater (kind of a wistling noise). Happen to anybody else?
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    Autotech cat-back questions

    Hey guys, i think im gonna order the autotech cat back this week and i just had afew questions. For those of you who have the exhaust, have you noticed any drop in low end torque, and also could you compare the sound to any other car? I dunno, but most of the sound clips i've heard for the MKV...
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    30th Anniversary GTI UK on vortex

    Hey guys, just saw this over on the 'tex: I guess VW saw how many MKV's were wearing CH's and got there own version, i think that was smart. I also really like those plaid inserts on the leather seats, i wonder if there is...
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    golf ball shifter?

    Does anybody have the golf ball shifter from vw drivergear? If so do you like the way it feels?
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    Downpipe question.

    I've been looking into different downpipes, and i was wondering if anyone could clarify something for me. When the different companies talk about the cat, they have different numbers (apr uses a 100-CEL cat, milltek uses a 200-CEL cat, etc). Does a lower number CEL = less restriction?
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    BBS CK weight?

    I looked on, and tirerack... i cant seem to find any specs about weight for the 18's. Would anyone on this forum happen to know?
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    ahh tripple square!

    so i go to install my rear swaybar, and i find that my buddy and i dont have the proper tools remove the stock bar! apparantly i need a set of tripple squares, anyone know any good shops to get them from? I called two local vw dealers and they couldnt point me in the right direction, and i...
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    any way to search the MyGolf garage by username?

    as the title states, any way to search the MyGolf garage by username?
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    how bad is it to drop the clutch from around 2.5k?

    as the tittle says, how much damage would droping the clutch from about 2.5k rpm cause the clutch and transmission?
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    Twisty mountain roads in NJ

    anybody know any fun twisty roads to drive on in NJ?
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    pics in the MyGolf garage

    i cant seem to upload any pics to my garage, are there any size restrictions?
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    good place to buy oem replacement parts?

    Unfortunately my state requires a front license plate, and that means drilling into the black piece separating the honey comb grills on my beautiful GTI! I'm thinking about buying a 2nd black piece which will remain un-drilled, and leaving the one with the license plate in my trunk; that way if...
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    wheel width opinion

    I want to get a set wheels with some nice summer tires on them, and ive been looking on tire rack at many different brands. I'm looking at 18' rims, and originally i wanted 18x8. My idea was that a tire that is 8 inches wide should provide more grip so i would have more traction when i get the...