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    Rear Hatch Inop

    So I went to the store and picked up some wire. I already had some shrink butt-splices. Anyways, you just cut and splice in new wire where the brittle insulation is malleable. Then you shrink the connectors. A heat gun works best. After you're done shrinking the connectors you should wrap the...
  2. vlkswgnbgmn66

    Rear Hatch Inop

    So to start the story, I've been in the process of moving and I left my last load of stuff in my trunk overnight. I come out to my car in the morning and the hatch won't pop and my bulb out warning is on for not reverse lights not working. Being a body electrical and squeak/rattle/water leak...
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 10)

    Since I couldn't post in "what did you do to your MKV today" thread I'll post here. I finally finished up a reclaimed wood buffet for the lady... Gonna make a bottom shelf that's removable if we ever decide to remove/install it or even if I get the chance to sell it... Sent from my iPhone...
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    Two quick questions!

    1. Same space. 2. that is correct Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Got "coolest golf" at the Sacramento Bugorama!!! There were a good couple handfuls of some bad ass watercooled's there and I was thoroughly surprised I got that award. Only because I feel my car could be so much better. But at any rate, it made my day for sure! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Official Magma Orange Fahrenheit GTI (LD2C) Pic Thread

    Thought I'd share some pics of #473 on the 473 post in the Magma thread :D Then decided to wrap the car since getting a respray would have cost 4-6 times as much.
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    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Had some fun with this stuff the other day but didn't get to post.
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    Shitty iPhone pic!

    Just one from the local show this weekend...
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    Help from R32 owners!?!?!?!?

    I am wondering if any of you kind and generous R32 owners have one piece moldings under the headlamp housings? I need a one piece and am wondering, if they are available and you have these on your car, could you PRETTY PLEASE pop them out and get the stamped numbers to me? THANKS!!! Josh
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    what wheels are these???

    I've done some pretty extensive searching for what wheels these are (like a week now) before asking... I got this pic off a thread way back when and didn't note what wheels they were (if it was even mentioned)... But could a wheel expert fill me in? I know they aren't OZ or VMR... Thanks!
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    WTB: R32 front bumper

    anyone have an R32 front bumper they are looking to get rid of??? PM me please!!!:thumbup:
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    Before and after wreck! Need help deciding what to do!!!

    Before and after obviously! My question now is, should I go the same route with the front end or something different like TB or R32... Haven't seen either on a F-heit yet (might be wrong)... Anyways, does anyone wanna p-shop a Thunderbunny car or R32 to F-heit orange???
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    cruise control inop???

    well, this is the second time this has happened to me. I got back in my car this evening and was driving down the road and tried to use my cruise control... Needless to say, it wasn't working!!! :frown: Cruise control switch was in the "on" position, "cruise" light was not on in the dash and...
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    my molded bumber...

    I got my car back finally after having the work done a second time... Buddy to some pics... He wasn't happy with the pics but they are all I have right now to show off the new front :biggrin: Enjoy....
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    #473 - New front end work... (pics)

    Just got my Heit back from the painter. Yeah I know some things don't look right. Not posting to hear any negative comments. I'm saving to have some of the work redone correctly. Long story short, the body guy ended up having my car for over six weeks total, doing the work 2 times total and...
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    WTB/WTT Jetta front grill/fogs

    I'm looking to buy or trade my GTI upper grill, lower grill, and fog light covers for Jetta chrome parts. Please PM:thumbsup:
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    Check Eng Light/boost loss after hitting the biggest bump EVER!!!

    SO I was driving to a show 160 miles away. Haven't driven this freeway in a while but I get about 50 miles from the show and I hit this nasty bump (no sign as a warning) and was shortly followed by one that was even worse!!! Right after I hit the second bump, my car went into limp mode. I...
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    The first ever Euro Sunday - Fresno was held earlier this month. Turn out was plain amazing!!! The next one will be on May 4! Hope to see some of you guys and gals there!!!
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    GHL TBE = P0420???

    So as I stated in anouther thread my CEL came on last night. Took it to my buddy at the dealer and he gave me a print out and the code that was stored was P0420 - cat not efficient enough. So I called GHL and they basically told me that I need a chip because its a high-flow cat. My buddy uses...
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    Painted to match...

    Got all my paint to match parts back from the painter today!!! Pics to come!!!