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    Hawk HPS + DBA 4000 T3 Impressions

    Thought i'd make a few comments on this setup. Just in case anyone comes a- looking. Did the usual brake bed in only to subsequently boil up the fluid and need new stuff, so it's not been a cheap exercise. Also have the new brakes mated to Eagle F1 Asym 2s. Sweet - much better than the PS3s I...
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    WTB: late B6 Passat TDI

    After possibilities in the B6 Passat range, comparing with new Passat model launching locally on 30th April. Would like TDI with options: Xenons Auto tailgate Alarm Electric seats with memory Any offers, etc. please PM
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    Review: MK5 GTI with HPA SHS, Whiteline ALK and H&R 22mm rear bar

    So I've finally done it. :happyanim: It's been sitting in the garage for almost a year... I sourced my HPA from WJ after he swapped out for a MK6. I was after suspension which would improve handling while not overly affecting ride comfort (i.e. close to stock feel) and allowing close to OEM ride...
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    DIY: Parrot CK3000 Evolution + QCVWS-3 steering control install

    OK, so I did this ages ago and tried the OEM mic position which sucked once you were at speed. Sucked enough that my wife stopped using it, so i moved the mic position today and figured i might as well post this up as i have most of the pics to do it. You get pretty good instructions to hook up...
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    VW confirms interest in Alfa Not sure if i like this as I don't think most Alfa buyers are after hot hatches. More a luxury compact?
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    Mini's WRC weapon revealed AWD 6-speed sequential shifter 1.6L turbo 4-pot Don't like the 4-bulbs out front or the rear look but will be interesting to see how it goes!
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    Thread highlights gone?

    Anyone know why the unread threads no longer end up bold? Used to be really useful to know where i left off...
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    16" vs 17" for track

    Have 4x 16" wheels a while back which fit the GTI. Just wondering if it would be better to have 16" (would be 205/50) for track or stock 17" (225/45). Pros/cons? I figure 16" will be cheaper to get rubber, but more roll. Anything else? Next Q is what do i need to change them over at track -...
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    Bluetooth choice - 1/2 height MFD & RCD500

    Hi guys/gals - I'm interested in what options there are for bluetooth kits. Would prefer if the kit integrates with steering buttons. Not a problem if I don't get call lists or anything - just want to be able to pickup and end calls. Would also prefer mic location in OEM position near map...
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    5th Gear Motoring - Advanced Driving course review

    Link to my post below in case you're not reading that thread already.
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    Sydney: FULL Day Drive GTG Sat 21st November

    "There and back again, a Mk5 tale" Plan for 8am departure from South area and back in Sydney region by 5-6pm. As before, meet point will be by PM a week before. For those who've just come on the last GTG, please re-read the stuff below. A lot of people still need to work on keeping in the...
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    OT - Oct 09 GTG vids

    Just thought I'd put this out onto the main forum as not everyone's going to be looking at the recent Sydney GTG thread. MtxC3dcGJwY VvmATsFjMWg
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    OT - Helmet wanted to borrow for Nov 3rd

    Doing driving course down at Wakefield in about 2 weeks. Looking to see if i can get a helmet to borrow, but not buy. Some form of payment could be considered...
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    OT: Nissan GTR review by The Australian

    Seems not all is to like...,28124,26205074-5018056,00.html
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    Sydney: 1/2 day Drive GTG Sat 24th October

    Update: Date change - Sunday 25th October Half day drive is on! (Thread for the bigger drive coming later) Will go through the usual suspects and maybe end up back in Wollongong for a coffee (take away or in) by the beach. RNP, Mt Kiera, Mac Pass. Will see what the time's like to fit Jamberoo...
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    NVH: Standardised descriptive evaluation range

    Figured with all the variations in what people perceive, it might help to have something a little more descriptive so discussions re: NVH are a bit more objective. I'll start with a Noise chart. Will add V & H later on. Please feel free to add/correct and we'll have something which we can use...
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    Sydney: Poll - end 09 GTG date

    Had enough of not being able to get to a GTG. So what better than to organise one! I'm working most of the other saturdays so what i've got so far is in the poll. For those wanting an idea of what it might be like, search for Great South Drive and you should find the last one I organised. Might...
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    GTI linear suspension rate comparisons

    After trawling through Google for 25 pages, here's what i've found (there were more pages but not much useful stuff after pg 14). Note format: Type - kgf/mm (lbs/in) as Front/Rear 1kgf/mm close to 56 lbs/in Also note that US vs Euro stock spring rates are different. Shocks same. Almost...
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    Why so much BUMP (steer) & Suspension change effects

    Searching the web for terms such as toe, caster, camber and bump steer will give you decent info on what effects they have on the car's handling. Ian's group buy which includes caster correction kits and bump steer correction led me to ask why VW didn't improve on the bump steer in the first...
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    Honeycomb/front grill part # query

    Looking for the part number for the front grill/honeycomb section. Seems someone in Aus had to replace theirs recently - did it have the euro plate holder preinstalled?? After one without the holder. Currently have towbar dent in mine... :cry: